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“Thank you so very much. I LOVE IT!”


“As a result of the class and the vast amount of great material available to us I have begun to shift my focus from the Outer to the Inner realm of growing and developing. This is a much more sustainable model for life than what I have been trained in so far.”

A.R. California

“After completing the program I received a huge promotion at work, with an 18% increase in pay. My relationship with my wife is also better than it has ever been.”


“I am working as a mindset and success coach and have a full practice. My income has tripled and I’m now creating my own programs and books. Thank you Christy Whitman.”

P.K. in Texas

“After just 9 days into the program I attracted three new clients to my business!”


“I am truly grateful for this. The value that has been provided to me cannot Really be put into. I am just grateful for the support of the Universe to Allow me to be part of such an awesome program.”


“The course is well designed, comprehensive, good value and extremely enjoyable. I have received tremendous help and encouragement from everyone involved in the program.”


“I am so happy to have deliberately created the reality of studying a program that is one-of-a-kind. Christy was so wise to surround herself by the best and most seasoned specialists in their fields. I am very grateful to Christy and to all her collaborators.”


“Since getting started in the program I have gone from knowing the Law of Attraction to actually living it and that has enhanced not only my life immeasurably but lives of my clients.”


“I’ve been a director of sales in the hotel business for years and I wish this course was available when I began my career. If I had taken it then there would have been an exponential increase in sales people making bonus! Thanks for offering this life changing course.”

L.T. in California

“I was offered a new job making $30,000 more a year, plus amazing benefits that I didn’t have at my other company, like 4 weeks vacation, 401K and pension!”


“Learning the Universal Laws and putting them to work in my own life has been life changing in so many ways. Now I get to help others do the same! Thank you Christy, you showed up in my life at just the right time.”

Helen C.

“I have been doing gratitude statements every morning for a long time…it is mostly always the same things I am thankful for..great family and friends..great part of the world to live..my little cats…my wonderful health. so since I started course I have added one to my daily list…happy and thankful for being introduced to Christy and this wonderful ABUNDANCE COURSE”


I joined the QSCA in March. I was waiting for the course to begin so I started going through the daily course. I put it on my to do list to go into that program and do it the very first thing every day.

Now, 9 months later I win $22,284.00!!

I was doing the program every day. I wrote down each day’s quote so I could have it in my handwriting and it would be close to me every day. I do have to say as the months went on I did not read it every day but the teachings were still in me.

I won this money playing the Queen of Hearts game. It is played at the local American Legion, Moose, and VFW halls in the area. It helps them raise money and gives some back to the winner. I had played several times and always hoped they would draw my name but I think at this time I had already given my abundance up to the universe and knew I was already there so I was not putting as much pressure on this particular game.

They called my name out of about 4,000 other chances of winners. I had 20 of those chances in the 4,000. They have to see if I drew the Queen of Hearts card at that point if I did I would have won the entire kiddy. I drew the Queen of Spades. That paid out 20% of the $111,000 kiddy. I was ecstatic !!

Thank you for developing the course and helping me see that I was already abundant and was able to attract the money into my life.”


“Now I am able to step out of the drama and deal with situations in a positive manner as they appear in my life. I’ve stopped worrying and starting allowing. For the first time, I am making a positive contribution to the lives of others whilst improving my own. Thank you!”

Nicole P. LA, CA

“Hi Christy, After just a week of the Abundance class I FINALLY received a check for $2500.00 I had been waiting for from a client – it was almost 90 days past due. I also got paid again for a job I did several months ago (I’m an actress and they pay you again if they want to extend the usage of the footage) it was $1000.00!!!!!!
“After that I stopped thinking about money as a source of stress and just something I use. My attention seemed to go to something else – my relationships. I gained a lot of clarity. I realized that I really do want to meet new people and make more friends. I have spent so much time working I have really neglected my friendships. I especially want more female friends and I want to take care of the friendships I’ve taken for granted. I want to enjoy my life more by spending time with others and not just looking for financial and career oriented success.”


“I always knew there was more to life than getting through the day to day. Christy helped open my eyes to a world of energy and ways to live my best life and teach others to do so. I have experienced a shift in my mindset from fear and lack to love and abundance. Her teachings provide clarity as to how to manifest my dreams, and help my clients do so as well. Since starting this course, I have manifested incredible outcomes that I would have never thought possible without her guidance.”

Abby Ampuja

Abby Ampuja

“I finished the 40 Day “Abundance Principle” course a week ago and was doing an inventory of my successes/wins–absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! I called in 17 new clients, 3 upcoming vacations, a perfect house cleaner and pet sitter to fit my needs and vision, and I am now working less hours for more money!! I can’t thank you enough for this program!! I continue to be ‘SURPRISED AND DELIGHTED’ by all your programs. Thank you SO much!”

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