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L.J. in New York

“Within three days of starting this process, I met my wife!”

Mary Baillee

“I’m sure my story may sound similar to some out there. I was no stranger to bad relationships with men. I was constantly cheated on by my first boyfriend. That lead me to self-doubt and an even worse relationship where I was physically and verbally abused for years. I kept this relationship a secret from a lot of people so no one had a clue this was going on. I finally got out of that relationship with some Divine intervention. I then met my husband and thought I finally had this relationship thing figured out. We were married for 9 years when I found out he was in love with another woman! I couldn’t believe it. We had 2 beautiful little girls and I thought I had found the right one. This put me into a downward spiral. After our divorce, I ended up in a bad relationship again. We would fight constantly and he was abusive mentally and verbally. It was my old pattern creeping up again. I had enough!

I had been working with Christy Whitman as I was getting my coaching certificate through her QSCA. I decide that I wanted to use the Laws of the Universe to find my Ideal Partner. I used Christy’s Ideal Partner program and felt like I had released this inner story of how I only deserved a bad relationship in a matter of weeks! I would use the techniques and I began to “feel” my partner with me. I had never experienced this before and I am not kidding when I say I felt the love being reciprocated back to me while in meditation. I could feel his energy.

Within two months I met this man. I instantly “felt” him. I knew it was him. I could sense his being, the energy that was present in my meditations was standing in front of me. I kept doubting myself, saying it can’t be this easy! I knew I had to trust this feeling so I asked him out!!! I was playing it cool but inside I was giddy. We went on our first date and hit it off immediately. He is kind, honest, compassionate, gentle, a protector of my feelings and emotions, and believes in me and our relationship. These were all qualities I was looking for in my partner.

We have been together for 3 years now. He recently proposed and we are so happy! I didn’t see it coming as I was fine being with him without marriage but deep down I knew it would happen. Here is a picture of the moment we got engaged. He brought me up while he was delivering an acceptance speech for hitting a record high within his company. So in front of 200 people, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together! Of course I said yes!

Thanks to Christy’s program, I have found my true love. My life wouldn’t be the same if I wouldn’t have used this program and the techniques! I truly am thankful beyond words!

Best Always”

C.D. in Chicago

“I met the most wonderful man using this process. I would recommend it to anyone. It is magical.”

Stephanie Prepon

“After trying practically everything to meet ‘the one,’ I heard about Christy’s Attracting Your Ideal Partner seminar at an event in NYC. My cousin Emily and I signed up together. Emily met her partner shortly thereafter – introducing her fiance to our family as her “soulmate” for which he quickly agreed. In taking an honest look at how I went through the course compared to my cousin, I know I could have been more committed so I did a 2nd time this time really focusing and doing the work – meditating, vision work and journaling – I even wrote out a list of 145 attributes I wanted in my partner.

Sebastian came into my life in a most unexpected way. A German visiting NYC for a 6 week work program, our relationship developed with an ease and effortlessness I had never known or expected. He wanted to learn everything he could about me, my family and my life and he was so open, authentic and caring. Not convinced he was for me as he is 12 years my junior and was living in Germany at the time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to date him after our first few dates. So he asked if he could come with me to my standing “date night” I have with my mom- a chick flick movie and dinner at the Scotchwood Diner in New Jersey, that was the night he met my mom and he had me from day on.

Knowing he was going back to Germany and not sure what the future had in store, we spent 3 months doing long distance. 6 months later he moved to New York, and 6 months after that we were married and we now have our beautiful daughter Heidi. As we were packing up our old apartment to move to a bigger place, I found that old list from the course tucked away in a drawer. Out of my crazy list, Sebastian is without a doubt 142 of the 145 things I listed and in truth so much more. I pinch myself when I think of all the blessings and gratitude I have in thanks to Christy’s work and her programs.”


“I am truly grateful for this. The value that has been provided to me cannot Really be put into. I am just grateful for the support of the Universe to Allow me to be part of such an awesome program.”

Emily Sharbani

“Christy, I can’t thank you enough for your ‘Attracting Your Ideal Partner Course!!!’ Quite literally, things started moving into place for me to meet the man of my dreams the week after finishing the course with you! I met Garrett, across the country, in Vermont while there on business. As you know, I live in California. He is absolutely the man I envisioned while doing the meditations with you, even to the point that I heard him say the same exact things to me as I did during the meditations! Less than 4 months after meeting him, he moved across the country to live with me in Los Angeles. It’s been nearly 8 months now since we first met and I couldn’t be happier! Not only that, but everything else in my life is thriving now too, including my singing and art business as well as his new business as a personal chef here in LA.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, my mother who took the course with me, as you remember, has also met a wonderful man. He contacted her, through an online dating service, within a week or two after completing the course. She kept putting off meeting him for over 2 months, due to surgery she was having (on a side note, she is perfectly fine now.) He kept calling her persistently to get together. Finally, she met him 2 and a half months later and they have been dating and traveling everywhere together ever since. I have never seen her with a man who treats her so well. The whole family loves him!

I realize I may be long winded in my praise for your work, but words cannot express how grateful I am! Your meditation courses have changed my life so much for the better and none better than your ‘Attracting Your Ideal Partner Course.’ Garrett is my true soulmate! I have never loved and been loved more truly in my life! We do your Abundance meditations together and life is fantastic! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!”

Los Angeles, CA

P.S. Garret asked me to marry him and we are now engaged!!!

Addendum 7/12/11 – Garrett and I are now about to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary and are blissfully happy, living in Sonoma, CA. On a side note, it was Christy who performed the ceremony 2 years ago! In addition, after taking Christy’s ‘Attracting Your Ideal Partner Course’, my cousin is now about to celebrate her 1st wedding anniversary! What a difference you and your courses have made in all of our lives!!

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