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Awakening Your Light Body


“It says quantum in the title and that is truly what I experience each day of this program – openings, insights, life-changing shifts EVERY day – all delivered with love, compassion and wisdom. Deeply grateful that I valued myself enough to be part of this amazing group. Heartfelt thanks for creating this opportunity.”

Susana Vilmer

“The Awakening Your Light Body course provides you with the tools to stay in the flow of life, raise your vibration and create the things you want easily and effortlessly. For example, after learning the heart (“Ranthia”) vibrational center, I created a wonderful relationship with an amazing and loving man. For years, I tried to create a loving relationship with no success and I was amazed how quickly it happened for me! The best part of all was having the opportunity to learn from a wonderful coach and mentor who is there for you every step of the way! Christy is very knowledgeable about the manifestation process and she will inspire you with laser coaching throughout the program, which in my opinion is priceless. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to take a quantum leap in their life.”

Karen Mears

“I knew when I was in the QSCA and we got to the Light Body module that I wanted more! These meditations resonated with me and I wanted more of those soul soaring experiences. I also knew instinctively that this would allow me to grow. So even though I was just starting a new job after being unemployed, a year of Light Body was for me! I’ve never regretted it! It is an amazing course that allows you continual release, grow, self discovery, grounding, and abundant light! I’ve also been introduced to channeling which is where I’m going next! Need to connect to you on a physical, emotional and energetic level? This is the path! There is also so much support not only from the fellow Light Body classmates and Christy but Orin and DaBen as well! (Plus my guide Arella!) It is BEAUTIFUL!”

Barbara Anselmi

“LightBody has been an amazing experience! I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but quickly realized the tremendous power in it. It’s a journey that’s enabled me to release old energy patterns on a deep level. I look forward to the classes because Christy makes it feel like you’re with an old friend and the meditations are sooo beautiful. I feel lighter, happier and more empowered over the course of this year because of LightBody. The combination of LightBody and the QSCA has been the best empowering investment I have ever made. And to top it off, my friends say I’m looking younger!! Can’t beat that!”

Michael Soheily

” am very happy that I decided to take the Light Body course because it profoundly enhances my meditation experience. Like all of Christy’s courses, the Light Body Course is very high quality and unique, taught nowhere else.

I have been on and off meditation for a long time. Now I can’t wait to do my daily Light Body meditation.

My favorite Light Body meditations were The Temple of The Masters Meditations. I already deeply connected with this meditation, when we were guided through the one Temple of The Masters Meditation in the QSCA Program.

That is to say until we hit the last module, the Vee meditations, who really took the roof off. There are no words to describe the Vee meditations, the closest I can get in words is, alignment, bliss, pure joy, almost enlightenment. For me personally, the Vee meditations are the crowning highlight of the Light Body Course.

The Check Outs are phenomenal. Ever since I first got introduced to this concept, I have Christy with me at all times as my personal guide and MD. I also have access to Orin and DaBen as my personal guides.

I am getting into the habit of getting into my Light Body first before addressing any daily task or issue. Everything becomes so much easier, when I first get into my Light Body.

Awakening my Light Body is also very beneficial for my coaching and my clients, because I “got” them, no matter where they go with me.

And finally, awakening my Light Body gets me as close to Enlightenment as possible in this moment.”

Simone da Rosa

“I can’t say enough about the Light Body class with Christy, and how much more I have gained through doing this work with her, than I believe I would have merely listening to the MP3s on my own. This experience is just that, not just a class or course. For me, a guide was more than just helpful, but reassuring and supportive. When you are READY for Light Body, it adds a whole new dimension to your life, the small to the large moments, and your awareness and centeredness increase, seemingly automatically. I am a lifelong meditator, Reiki Master and energy coach, as I say those things. The investment in Light Body with Christy pays fast dividends in your life, mind, heart and on your face! Shift that energy with THIS course.”

Jenny Rice

“I have been a student of Christy Whitman’s for almost 2 years. I took the light body course in 2011. Christy is an awesome, coach and guide. She is inspirational, fun and a true example of what it means to vibrate at a high level. I have enjoyed the light body course tremendously. It has helped me tap into my body, be present in my body and when I do the meditations, I can feel the energy flowing. I feel much more present in the moment, can enjoy things more as they happen. It has been a great gift in my life. I highly recommend this course.”

Gwen Dempsey

“Light Body has really given me a new lease on life. I look forward to the time when I can help new students by holding the space for them.”

Coby Scaccia

“I loved everything about the QSCA, especially Light Body. So, when the chance came along to enroll in the year long certification program with the lovely Christy I jumped at it!!

It has been almost a year now and it has been incredible! As I look back over the course of this year I get the chills thinking of all the amazing experiences I have had, both in class and in my life.

For me, I noticed my experience in the Light Body meditations to be primarily physical. I could feel a lot of shifting and changing in my energy. I learned how to sense into my energy and feel where I might be “off”, which has been so valuable to me. I further felt encouraged and comfortable allowing my experience to be what it was, and just knew and sensed I was receiving what was right for me. I was also able to let go of any concerns I had about not initially getting visual images, and in that letting go I subsequently can now see colors and symbols and images as well.

Probably the most thrilling for me has been the deep connection I feel with Christy as she has lovingly guided us and held us in a safe space to expand. As well as our beautiful and wise spiritual Teachers Orin and Daben, who feel like loving, supportive, patient parents as we grow and expand. My personal connection to them has grown and evolved as I have, at the most natural and organic pace. I truly know and feel the love and support from my teachers, especially when I ask!!

My life is forever changed. Life honestly just flows for me now. And when bumps in the road happen, I now have even more tools to shift and stay the course.

I highly recommend this course!”


“I absolutely love Light Body. Since Light Body I am so in tune with energy for myself and even for others. I have opened up to that amazing energy that is “All that is” and can now recognize the energies around me. And in doing that I can shift energy to work with me. I have manifested so many things. From healing the tear in my Rotator Cuff in my left shoulder to becoming debt free to communicating with nature.

I am now also able to channel my Guides. I do not think that would ever be if not for Light Body. I literally could go on and on as I think of all the things that Light Body has done for me. I thank you Christy, I love you so much, you have had a major impact on my life. AND…. I have sat in on the recent Light Body Class holding the space for the new students. How awesome is that? Christy invites Graduates to come to the calls, And I have gotten it so much deeper and intend to sit in again for the next year. It is a way of life that just makes life so much FUN.”

I love you and admire all that you do,”

Pam Tyson

“Wow, what a GREAT class, I love light body, it has been an amazing enlightenment for me. Even though I cannot attend the class on Monday, I listen each week to the classes and run the energy. Amazing things have happened to me. I for the first time have been so intuitive, I have even started seeing aura’s on some people. When I run the energy, I feel so energized and light myself. It truly has been a blessing to have this experience.

Thank you Christy, I can’t say enough about your course work, I just hope to continue to grow and expand with you and others who are doing this work.”

Love and Blessings,”

Julie Peters

“Light Body is a journey and celebration of transformation. It goes beyond words and into the territory and heart of multi-dimensional, higher realm pure experience. You will radiate light and find a new and higher “normal”. Christy Whitman is a generous teacher and holds the essence and energy of Light Body with beauty and grace.”

Christine Marie Peters -Mother/Daughter Radio CoHost and Certified Law of Attraction Coach

“After Light Body, my focus is sharp, my energy is high, and my life is in flow. I see things from a much higher perspective and vantage point. I have tools to not only help me, but my coaching clients to see beyond the limited 3 dimensional reality and attract higher vibrational energies. It opens doors to experiences that I never thought possible. Christy Whitman is a wonderful teacher and holds the energy deeply for all of our experiences.”

Emily Sharbani Hamilton

“I have to say, taking Christy’s Light Body course was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I am so sorry it is over. I took the course with my husband. We have never looked so forward to taking a class in our lives. Each week was a new eye opening experience for us. It revealed so many things of which I never knew I was capable. So many aspects of our lives have changed since taking this course. It is so much easier to find the peace and power within ourselves during any situation. I have been able to attract more clients to my business. When I meditate, I am reaching such a deeper and more spiritual place. I am able to manifest things much easier and faster. The Light Body class really put me in touch with the energy within me and all the amazing things I can do with it for myself and others!

There was such a beautiful connection between Christy and each one of us students during each class and even in between classes. I could not have imagined doing the Light Body program on my own. Having Christy guide us through each phase was absolutely paramount!!! Sharing her own experience and knowledge and perfect descriptive way of explaining things to us was invaluable, not to mention the energy and light she shared with us constantly. Having Christy and the other students present as we progressed through each stage helped to make everything so much more clear. It was like having family with you to share the experience. The feedback and getting to describe our revelations with each other made everything so much more real. I was able to do things I’ve dreamed of being able to do, like actually seeing the energy light around living things, connecting with other people on a completely different level, and touching on the greater dimension of the energy all around us. It puts so much of my life into a whole new perspective… a much more in-tune and connected view of the universe.

I am so grateful to Christy for offering this program! My only wish is that the entire world will someday get to experience this and more!

With much love and energy!”

Amanda Lee

“I recently finished doing the year-long LightBody class with Christy Whitman and her select group of students.

I find it hard to put into words just how amazing this experience has been and how profoundly spiritually uplifting it has been. Even though I have been on a spiritual path for many years and have practiced and studied Tibetan Buddhism for nearly a decade, I can truly say that I have never experience such rapid growth over such a short period of time. I now feel much more relaxed and confident in my abilities in general, as well as my relationships. When Christy said “things would shift” over the year, she really meant it!

Even though Orin and Daben are the creators and main holders of the space, I could not imagine doing the course without Christy. Christy brings her own unique and wonderful energy to it and in doing so “super-charges” it, giving it double impact.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is lucky enough to be given the opportunity.”

Sarah Langston

“Excellent things are happening lightening fast for me.
I am learning and revisiting things that held up my vibration and getting the joy of bringing those things, people, and stuff Light and Love and ease. That feels good.

My manifesting is getting better and better and faster, and my attraction to my desires is getting better and better and faster. My vibrations are getting easier to lift as well.

This past weekend, I invited some friends over from across the SF Bay to help me explore my neighborhood and those close by. Well, I wanted to go visit two things that had advertised limited “open” days. Guess what, our timing was perfect…and the Universe as always was perfect too. I got to see that 1910 Chapel with 16 Tiffany windows…wow they were spectacular, and the Wilderness project along Mare Island…that is only open 2x a month, just happened to be open and we went and explored and enjoyed the beautiful day and the 360 views. It was most excellent and enjoyable….

Traffic signals and rare event openings and excellent weather and easy travel…. just relax and let go the oars… :))))

In my fondest dreams were visits from light body workers and guides and masters, and others. I was once visited by an orb…I know now that it must have been a very special entity. That entity was “Light” itself…warm, gentle, loving, innocent, yet very strong and wise. That was about 20 years ago. Only Lightbody training has come close to matching the feelings that I had that one night for a few minutes. Now, I intend and keep my commitment to follow the LB program, because it brings me to that feeling again, and again and again. The further we go, the closer I get … but wait there is more… Ever since I had that encounter, I occassionally felt “Love” coming at me. Must have been someone/entity sending me a Light/love bubble…it felt good. and It is feeling good to send Light/love Bubbles too. And, you say there is more to come…Yummy! I am really, really, REALLY, looking forward to it all.”


Ellen Wetzel

“Light Body is an evolutionary year-long journey into the beauty and healing of subtle and higher energies. The Light Body course takes you deeper into your own truth and awakens a deep commitment to your soul purpose. If you are feeling at all drawn to this work, you are being called to take this next step on your path.

Trust your heart!”

Nada Howarth

“Light Body has been the catalyst to move my coaching career and life ahead at warp speed! I would not have believed you if you told me how much empowerment, self-confidence, and abundance in all areas of my life I would receive from taking this AMAZING Course from you Christy! But it’s so true and it just keeps getting Better and Better…! Just like the QSCA, I know I will always be a welcome part of your Light Body Family, even as a graduate! Your loving support and focus continued to enrich my life throughout the program and still does! You are the best teacher I could ever dream of having…Your Beautiful energy is phenomenal to experience in every one of your Light Body classes!!!

“Because of Light Body, my personal life and relationships have improved in ways I could not have imagined! My professional career as a LOA Life Coach is thriving and growing! I am comfortable being me now and enjoy my life in ways that I never thought were possible before! Now I am able to relax and see many different perspectives and attitudes around me without needing to control it all! More often, I realize and see the perfection in it all and am able to allow it to be perfect the way it is! I am so totally blessed and enriched by the Love and Support of my Light Body family! And this awesome list goes on and on…!!! The seeds I planted during the Light Body Program just keep growing and I am manifesting my dreams on a regular basis now!!!

“My Heartfelt Thanks goes to you Christy for being willing to follow your dreams so that I could learn how to create my own!!!”


“The Light Body course I just finished was amazing! While going through a big transition in my life I felt completely supported. I felt held and seen to the very depths of my being. Christy knew when I needed extra support, sometimes even before I asked. I can’t wait to surrender more deeply into these profound meditations again and again. I know as Christy said I planted many new seeds and I await in excited anticipation of what will unfold next for me.”

Judy Hineman

“I joined Christy’s first Light Body class last year in 2009. I am also now finishing up the QSCA class with Christy. Doing both together has had a phenomenal effect on me and who and what I am!!

Working the energies had enlightened my state of what my world is and can be. I now longer go with the flow of life I CREATE MY FLOW!! What that has done with Light Body added to my life is as I said just phenomenal!!

Okay, now for some practical examples! I am a bookkeeper by trade transitioning into a full time Life Coach. So I work with various types of people and the biggest thing I notice is their reaction to me. They want to be around me more and a part of what I am doing for them. Translated that means, I used to just go in and do the work, customer happy they pay me & job done. Now I go in and while I am doing the work they can’t stop talking to me or asking for personal advice. I even had one (a female) say to me, ” You don’t seem to have lost any weight, or changed or hair color but something is definitely different. I just can’t put my finger on it? What are you doing?” You see since Light Body I am so much more self assured, self confident and just simply put amazed at who and what I have become that it shows! I look younger, stress is no longer in my system, I fell energized, tried and sluggish don’t exist either, and Dis Ease doesn’t have a place in my life!!

No my life is not a bed of ROSES, yet but it sure is amazing. I consider myself living a CHARMED LIFE!! Not bad for a woman, who in 2005 made a decision to end a 37 1/2 year marriage and go on to live the most amazing life she could! So here I am now loving the me that I always was but was never really in true touch with. I know Light Body can help you do the same if YOUR WILLING TO LET GO AND LIVE!”

Sandra Longmore

“Someone asked me the other day, “You have been studying light body for some time now, how much of light body do you think you have brought into your daily life?” I thought and thought then answered. I can’t separate the two. Light Body is part of my very nature. Because of the integration of light body I have learned how to play more, be more, create more and laugh more. This person then commented, “I just wanted to say, you seem to have jumped into life with both feet and yet you always have a peace about you. Your voice has changed and there is an underlying confidence and steadiness.” I smiled and nodded my head…yes everything about me has changed.”

Julie Kleinhans

“There really are no words that can accurately express what the Light Body course has done for me. With Christy as our guide on this amazing journey, I reached heights that I never even dreamed possible. In class, the experiences were blissful, each and every time. Because of Light Body, I have enhanced my spiritual abilities ten fold!! I am easily able to tune into subtle energies that I once thought was only possible for ‘gifted people’. I have also found that there is so much more ease and flow in all areas of my life. I feel as though I have stepped into a level of mastery that will continue to expand as I continue to walk this path. I love being a creator in this light body space!! Thank you Christy for being such a beautiful and loving guide on this journey.”

Carol Lang

“I absolutely love and highly recommend the Light Body course through the QSCA with Christy. Light Body fits beautifully with the QSCA and I find that it takes ‘allowing’ to a whole new level. Christy is a wonderful teacher and mentor and her ‘checkouts’ are incredible. Once you take Light Body with Christy you are in the Light Body family and can retake the course and hold space for new students to deepen and expand your growth. And…..I will be doing all of those things after my course ends next month. It’s been a year long journey of unbelievable experiences. Light Body takes you to places few people get to go with energy and consciousness. You learn to recognize, experience and use your energy at higher and higher frequencies. It’s amazing and no two experiences are the same. Light Body is a gift and is very powerful and liberating….a tremendous connection to the Universal energy and especially to your own soul and growth. It’s really a lifelong journey. I followed my inner guidance to Light Body and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Truly life changing for me.”

Carolyn B. Messere

“Light Body has been an experience I can hardly explain. I can only say that it has been life-changing. When I started, I knew I had some intuitive ability, but I was not really open to what was possible. Over this year, I have deepened more and more into my metaphysical abilities. I’ve stopped playing small and started to step out into the coach I know I can be, because I trust myself so much more. I can see how the tools and journeys I’ve learned in Light Body will fit well into my work on all levels. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their coaching practice to a whole new level and Christy’s personal attention is immeasurable. This is light years from the Light Body we learned in the QSCA.”

Kat Wells

“Light Body has forever changed me in ways that I could not have imagined. There has been a shift in my awareness that has allowed me to release old limiting beliefs and to honor my unique gifts. I have more clarity and can stay centered more easily even in the midst of contrast or negativity.

I have become magnetic to the perfect people, situations, and opportunities that support my passion and my higher purpose. People say they are drawn to me, and they don’t know why. Just yesterday, I was offered a key-note speaking opportunity by an out-of-state business woman I happened to meet while visiting my chiropractor’s office.

Things flow to me so easily and quickly that I haven’t had a chance to put up a website or even print business cards!

Thank you, Christy, for sharing your beautiful gift with us and for your love and support.”

Love and Light,”


“If you are a QSCA coach and considering taking the Awakening Your Light Body course, you are most likely being divinely directed to do so. As a QSCA coach, you are being called to exercise your special gifts as a co-creator who supports the love and light throughout the World. The Light Body course brought me to new levels of understanding and awareness about my higher self, and opened my heart to a greater capacity for love and healing. Each transmission we received through Christy and the spiritual guides, each journey that we were guided through, helped us to transform and allowed the beauty of our Divine Essence to shine through. The Light Body course is difficult to describe because it is such deep inner work. I strongly encourage those contemplating this next step in your coaching to take the journey with Christy. She will help you to grow your wings and teach you how to fly!”

In love and light,”

Andy Lawrence

“Light Body has quite simply been the most beautiful and expansive experience for my whole being. I was not quite sure what the course was about when I started but felt called to do it. I understand now that it completely complements my recent QSCA Coaching Certification and also getting my Planet Calm business going. Christy’s facilitation is life changing and I have no doubt that any energy based healer or coach will find themselves doing this course as part of their true calling to make a difference in their lives. This is just the beginning of my journey to fully understand my experience and being. A remarkable future awaits all who complete this program. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Saskia Fokkink

“What is Light Body? It is an experience, it takes you to a completely different level.

I did not have a clue what Light Body was like when I started, I used to fall asleep during the Light Body classes during the QSCA course. But somehow I was drawn to it.
It is hard to describe what it is and what it does. So I will just share some notes that I wrote down after the Light Body journeys, of my personal experience.

I am always loved and supported – floating on subtle energies – all is well, you are safe, there is nothing you need to do or accomplish – be gentle with yourself – loving everything purely and unconditionally – a sacred space – there are many beings, they all say: “We love you” – pulsing beat of the heart of the Universe – touching upon heaven –knowing beyond knowing, trusting beyond trusting – still, sacred, open – harmony, balance – I deserve the love of God in all its forms – very strong presence and connection – floating on a sense of ease – feeling of belonging – infinity – radiating beautiful light – connected with All-That-Is.

If you are meant to take Light Body now, you will know. Just trust and follow your calling.”

Marie-Eve Bisson

“In this past year while awakening my light body, I believe that I have reached another level of calmness and stronger belief that everything will always be fine for me. I feel in control of what I want and a better understanding and capability of focusing on what I want and not get thrown off by situations in my life. That is priceless! Christy is such a beautiful and authentic person, generous and caring, it is a pleasure to be part of this “family” where we feel comfortable and supported. Thank you for this past year that allowed me to grow again in such a beautiful way!”

Toni Cay Snyder

“I am honored to share with you the joy and magic I experienced taking Christy Whitman’s Awakening Your Light Body course. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from the course, but I knew intuitively that I just had to do it! I am so glad that I did because my life has transformed in wonderful ways. Physically, my lifelong struggle with cold sores has been completely healed. Mentally, I have amazing clarity of thought, and great ideas come to me easily and effortlessly. Emotionally, I process feelings faster and can get out of a funk almost immediately. Spiritually, I have become highly intuitive and open to energies that I did not even know existed before Light Body. I highly recommend Awakening Your Light Body if you want to become a magnificent manifestor and experience magical transformations in every area of your life.”

Mary Dirksen

“The Light Body journey has been one of the most transforming experiences I’ve felt in my life. I’m much more grounded and accepting of all the experiences that show up in my life, whether it be with family, friends, strangers, business associates, or whoever. I also feel more in control of my reactions and emotional well-being. The class is perfect after learning about the Law of Attraction and understanding energy better. I am so glad I took the class and have another new ‘family’.”

Kelly Catalano

“Light Body is a beautiful expansion of your entire being. It’s an experience beyond words and beyond worlds. It’s takes you on journeys you never thought possible with outcomes beyond the imagination. The energy of this program not only affects you but also affects the dynamics of those around you allowing for a much greater awakening and a much broader perspective. It’s been a life changing experience and I definitely recommend Light Body for those wanting to take their life and learning to the next spiritual level.”

Nicolette van Amerongen

“Lightbody is an amazing course .It is very hard to find words what it is all about but I do feel it is the best life changing experience ever. In the beginning I was suspicious but in the end I trusted the process totally. Christy has a very warm and reassuring way of giving the course. Very light hearted, a lot of laughs and happiness. It is real and life expanding. A lot of things change for the better. I notice now that I am aware of so much more, things happen easily and effortlessly. It is expanding and changing. It is a big adventure. And once in Light Body, always in Light Body.”


“When I first started taking Light Body, I physically felt lighter and at a higher frequency. I was traveling quite a bit, and at the airport when I’d go through the screeners where you put your hands up, the camera would always capture an “irregularity” on my head! There’s nothing like a gloved head massage! As I became more and more connected to my light body, I could sense and physically see the energy connections among other people and objects. Christy took me through meditations where I was infinitely small and infinitely big—and one with it all. After taking this course, I have never felt more aware of my power, more connected and alive.”

Renee Marcou

“The course helped me discover a new, deeper, connection to my inner being, and showed me how to use my voice in a more powerful way. I learned how to surrender to the help and support of the universe. What was really interesting to me was how all the people around me shifted to greater heights of positivity and therefore our relationships deepened. My light body group provided the safety and love of a soul connected family and I will cherish each and every one of them forever. I look forward to holding the light for students to come. Thank you Christy!”

Claudine Paquet

“Being a neophyte, Light Body opened a very special world for me. I did not know much about chakras and aura but I have learned and felt so much this year. It helped me to have a much better connection with my higher self, also understand and discover the vibrational field around me. All is energy so it’s great to not only feel it, but really understand it. I am still learning and I loving it. It helps me to be more in the moment, to have more gratitude and more compassion for others and for myself. I can’t thank you enough for helping me on the road of “The Journey Within”. I am so blessed to be part of the QSCA Family.”

Cathi Measures

“The Light Body class provided far more than I expected. With Christy’s impeccable instruction I’ve found the ability to raise my energetic vibration, expand my creative thinking, abundance and awareness as well as increase my levels of intuition far beyond what I ever dreamed to be possible.

Light Body has further enhanced my Reiki skills as well as heightened my awareness when working with coaching clients.

If you are interested in experiencing your higher self, tapping into new vistas and expanding your awareness, Light Body is a must. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity.”


“Christy, my life has changed so much with peace and light! I really appreciated the QSCA, your coaching certification class and the Light Body! I cannot list the number of changes (I do have them in my gratitude journal!) that have happened in the past year after my sister committed suicide October 2nd and me receiving the message from her that I needed to get into your Light Body class! I am decluttering and I didn’t even know I had excess! I have more clients and I continue to attract money, people and events. Last year I was given a car, this year I have been asked to teach so many classes for the community and by people who want to have my presence just to encourage and help those dying and the families that are suffering. Its amazing.”

Linda Dubois

“I decided to take the Light Body class last year just as I made the life changing decision to uproot my life, move across the country, to move in and care for my Mother who has dementia. Light Body gave me tools to help me cope with the ever changing challenges of dementia and demanding role as caregiver. I would recommend this class for anyone who feels the call to Light Body. I highly recommend Christy Whitman as your guide and teacher on this journey.”

Florence Bernard

“I have just graduated from the Light Body Course that Christy Whitman taught. I am so grateful I attracted this course to me at a time in my life that I really need some uplifting. This course helped me in so many ways. I was grieving the loss of my husband of 54 years and looking for purpose and light in my life. I found that the course helped me center and appreciate the good in my life and opened the door to feeling connected in a spiritual way that enhanced my existing spiritual beliefs. I never felt so good or connected to God.

During one session I was experiencing a great deal of pain in my hands, having trouble holding the phone. I have had 3 different surgeries over the years on each of my hands and this was an ongoing thing. The class that night was centered on self healing, before the session was over the pain in my hands was gone and has not returned after more than 6 months. I have also been having trouble with bladder cancer for more than 3 years having to have tumors removed at least twice a year and examinations every three months with new tumors, appearing each time. I had my first 3 month checkup with no new tumors after taking this class of self healing.

I am so grateful for this experience of sharing the light with Christy and recommend it to anyone wanting to feel more connected to God and everyone else.”

Teresa da Silva

“I really have no words to describe what Awakening the Light Body course meant to me, I truly think one has to really experience to be able to feel it, it is far beyond words can possibly describe. I knew even before I have finished my QSCA program, that this was a journey I wanted to take, I knew with all my heart this was the” cherry on top of the cake” to enhance my life purpose to the next level, that’s why I jumped in as soon as Christy send the invitation without giving a second thought, and even though I didn’t know what to expect, not in my wildest dreams I could imagine how life changing this course would be. So many amazing things have changed in my life, but most importantly was the changes that occur within me, it truly was life enhancing. I feel extremely elevated and connected with the highest part of me that I knew that existed but could barely feel it, life now has a different meaning, different colors, the way I perceive the world and everything around me comes from a higher perspective, a higher wisdom. I truly feel more loved, connected, protected and guided by the highest and subtle energies that are parte of Oneness- Divine Intelligence of the Universe, and there is no words in our vocabulary that can accurately describe that.

If you truly want to take your life to a higher level of consciousness, this course really is the way, Christy dedicates her heart and soul to truly deliver to you an amazing journey that will bring forth the highest version of yourself.

Christy from the bottom of my heart thank you for your amazing work, your love and dedication to all of us is extraordinary, and I can not tell you how deep you touched me with your intuitive and incredible check outs, you are an amazing soul, God Bless you!

I also want to thank Orin and Daben for their unconditional love, guidance and support, they are always with me now and I feel incredibly blessed!”

Cathy Brown

“The Awakening Your Light Body course is an outstanding way to enhance your QSCA certification.

“Awakening” is an understatement! The learning focuses on the vibrational energy centers that affect your physical, emotional and mental energy. I experienced a strong sense of identity and personal power while releasing old blocks and staying calm and centered.

It made me a better coach and a better person by getting in touch with my energy and my true authentic self. A must for all coaches!”


“The Awakening Your Light Body Course from Orin and DaBen was a gift from my daughter and I consider it to be the among the most valuable gifts I have ever received. During the duration of the course, daily doing the meditations, I feel that I made huge progress in my spiritual journey. I am more aware of the magnitude and power of my essential light and vibrational energy. My connection with soul and divine self has been greatly enhanced and I have come to realize that there is a host of celestial beings lovingly interested in aiding me in my spiritual growth. In my daily relationship I feel a deeper and more empathetic connection. I realize that this course was a giant step for me on my journey and I plan to continue with its daily meditations as each repetition reveals a deeper spiritual awakening.

Nada Howarth the facilitor of this journey was the perfect mentor. The in depth knowledge and spiritual connection to the course she exhibited were greatly in evidence With a wonderful intuitive sense Nada was able to guide us through the meditations knowing where help and encouragement were needed. Her spiritual connection to the All that Is was remarkably evident and she patiently shared this connection with the class. Much love and so many thanks to you Nada…….ever grateful…”

Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio

“Going through the “Awakening your Light Body Course” is a journey into my inner Universe. Not only do I get new information about energy centers and the way they work, but I experience how to expand my inner light to more illumination. I learned how to shift from thinking and doing to observing what happens inside and outside of me. I am seeing patterns that play a beautiful music of light like an orchestra and going deep to places I never went before. I am expanding myself into a new awareness and I can see my light shedding around to my environment.”

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