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Nada Howarth

“As a student in the QSCA Coaching program, I had my first experience with using the magnetizing and manifesting techniques to attract my perfect website designer! During one of the meditations, I had such a clear vision of him and all his personality traits, I really thought he was going to be standing in front of me when I opened my eyes. My mouth dropped and I was speechless when he walked in the room. It took about nine months, but when he showed up, he was the exact same essence, personality and person I had visualized months before, right down to the color of his hair, eyes and physical form.

And then, while I was auditioning to teach the Magnetizing and Manifesting program, after I certified as a LOA Life Coach through the QSCA, I was in the process of working on getting my husband’s hospital bills paid off for his heart surgery. We didn’t have insurance, paid time off, or any other means to even hope to make a dent in all of his bills. I repeated the class material and meditations several times while I was waiting for him at cardiac rehab and his doctor’s appointments. It was right after that, while I was listening to the teleseminar when Christy introduced the Magnetizing and Manifesting program, that It finally clicked and I realized that I needed to not only feel what it would be like to manifest what I wanted, but to feel it all the way down to my toes! And so I did! Within a week, the hospital notified me that they had paid off his bill!!!! Shortly after that, almost all of his other related doctor bills were paid off as well!!! They all told me it probably wouldn’t happen, but I knew it would and I kept doing my work to fill out all the forms, call people daily, weekly as I continued to also do my internal work that I had learned not only in the QSCA, but also from the Magnetizing and Manifesting program!

And it didn’t stop there! Becoming a Mentor for the QSCA was definitely a result of continuing to use this process to attract my Awesome Future job and career as part of Christy’s Dream Team!!!

When I wanted to join Evelyn’s Reiki class, I used the same techniques to manifest the money to pay for that opportunity!!!

I also attracted a Yoga studio in my small, very conservative home town to be able to start my meditation classes and connect with local people to help them as a coach and energy healer!

These skills also helped me deliberately manifest another dream I had and I successfully completed my training as a Light Body Teacher.

Then, I attracted my Incredible opportunity to complete my teacher training through the QSCA, serve as a part of the Feedback Support team and also manifest the money I needed to sign up for EMAC!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

I use these processes on a regular basis now in all areas of my life and am so delighted that my magnetizing and manifestation skills have grown so much!

Of all the things I have manifested, being a part of Christy’s Dream Team, serving as a Mentor, being on the feedback support team and the ability to serve as a substitute teacher for the QSCA are total Dreams come true that I have had since I started as a student at the QSCA 4 years ago!!!

I can’t think of a more powerful was to attract and manifest all the Abundance you desire in your life! I just Love magnetizing my Abundance in all areas of my life by using my Energetic Magnetic Coil…!!! Whoo Hoo!!! It just keeps getting Better and Better…!!!

My sincere and Heartfelt Gratitude goes to Christy for creating this phenomenal program and for believing in me!!!

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity! It is so much fun to tell you all of this! ”

Carine Kindinger


I have to share this with you: I took the class this past summer and visualized $10k that I was creating for myself….and since this summer, I have had more than the $10K coming my way in different forms and my business has never been so successful! I am so grateful for this awesome program you offer! Thank you!”

Katie S.

“I wanted to let you know that just from being on your free Magnetizing Teleseminar, within four days I received a letter from the US government telling me that I will be receiving a check for $24,099.33. I was not expecting that, nor was it a time to receive a refund check. It was the middle of December. It was just days after I did what you guided us to do in the teleseminar. Thank you so much.”

Barbara Anselmi

“Dear Christy,

I had a strong intention to create $50K before an important financial meeting that I had and went through the Magnetizing course shortly beforehand. I accomplished that easily!! Then I did it again for $40K. I received $25K and was so grateful and definitely celebrated the closeness of the match. Shortly after receiving the $25K, I discovered that in fact I also received the $40K, but it was not obvious at first. All the while I held the feeling of deserving and peace and surrender. This just feels so amazing and empowering — I’m at a loss for words. LOL
I’ve shared my great news with friends and they are blown away! Actually I am too. I just want to share this with you both because you’ve made this possible for me by taking me into this spectacular QSCA family and teaching me (and the rest of your students) how to be deliberate creators, clear limiting beliefs and evolve. Of course, this is an ongoing journey for us all but I want you to know how absolutely grateful I am to have you in my life as magnificent teachers, mentors, employers and friends. I love you both and am immensely grateful!!

Albany, NY

“I absolutely loved Christy’s Magnetizing and manifesting course. I took this course while I was enrolled in the QSCA. I had just signed up to become a certified Life Coach, and I just knew that it was the right decision for me, but truthfully didn’t know how I would pay for it! I had lost my job a couple months earlier, so finances were an issue. I felt drawn to this program and began it immediately. It was so amazing! The meditations really helped me connect to, magnetize and then ultimately manifest $47,000. Of course it seemed “out of the blue” to everyone else, but I just knew that it was from my “work” in this course where I was looking to manifest $50,000! I definitely celebrated the closeness of that and was so thankful and astounded at how simple it was once I got clear and focused on my desire. I have since used these processes again and again to bring more “things” into my life, but the best of all has been magnetizing and manifesting the freedom and abundance I have in my whole life. This is priceless to me!

Coby Scaccia Certified Life Coach”


“Ok, I’ll do my best to make this as succinct as possible. 🙂 The beautiful Christy Whitman came into my life at precisely the right time. Thank you Christy!!! I am forever and eternally grateful to you. I was in the middle of an acrimonious divorce that seemed as though it would never conclude. I found myself in the most bizarre of situations. My ex would not leave the house and we endured three, very long years under the same roof. My two beautiful and highly intuitive children were witness to every move. There were countless court appearances filled with lies, theatrics and very low vibrational energy. I made the guided, clear and conscious decision to be a deliberator creator and move full force ahead with creating what I wanted.
I wanted my children to be the receivers of light, love and the absolute knowing that they have the power to manifest anything they desire. I also wanted to go HOME. Home to California where my children were born, where my family, friends and support system resided. Where my children and I belonged! My soul let me know that this was the right choice. It wasn’t the easy choice, but it was the right one for my family. See, we were in New Jersey at the time and my ex forbade us from moving back. Every lawyer, mediator, custody evaluator, judge, friend and stranger told me I was crazy for having this desire. Apparently, it was an insurmountable task to win a “removal” case. (Relocating/returning home with children). I chose to listen to my inner being instead and dedicate myself to my desire and Christy’s Magnetizing and Manifesting program. The moment that I began her program I could feel my desire morph into an authentic knowing. I listened to the meditations in the morning, before bed, at the grocery store, walking the dog, in the school pick up line, the airplane etc. Christy was with me, guiding me every step of the way. Through her processes, worksheets and mediations I formed a new positive belief/ knowing that I would indeed be home soon. I spent quality time “mixing up my magic” in my tiny, little, bedroom cave in NJ. I did my work and followed her program to a tee. Guess what? I am now writing this testimonial from my sweet, comfortable home in CA. DID IT! So on to the next manifestation……After I received the news that the kiddos and I were allowed to leave NJ and return to CA, I now had to manifest a place to live. I had to to it quickly. My desire was to return to approximately the same area where we moved from as the schools are amazing and it would be familiar to all of us.

The rental market was insanely competitive and I was not in a position to buy. Everyone told me, “this is going to be tough, there is nothing available, especially with a dog.” “You will have to live in an apartment for a while.” Again, I chose to listen my inner being and did Christy’s Magnetizing and Manifesting program for the second time. I moved through it quicker this time. I proclaimed to the Universe that I would have a rental home and a new, white, Jeep in the driveway by July 1 or sooner. All within a comfortable budget. I had a trip planned to San Francisco in early May to “take care of business.” As I was boarding the plane, I received a text from the property manager stating. “ you have been approved for the home and by the way, the rent is $284 less/mo. than we anticipated. WHOA on many levels. This house is located in exactly the school zone that I desired for my children (there are 21 elementary schools in this particular area!) Woo hoo! OMG! When I landed in SF, I received an email that my friend’s cousin happens to own a Jeep dealership in the Bay Area and he would be happy to help me out. Yup, you guessed it. I have that Jeep at a discounted price and it all happened through absolute ease and grace. Thank you Christy for reminding me of my abilities. You are an absolute gift to the Universe and a gift to me.

With abounding love, ”

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