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Yes, Christy! I’m ready to know myself and my life as unlimited by releasing the vices holding me back. Please enroll me in the 30-Day Vice Freedom Program.

30-Day Vice Freedom Program will help you release a vice … so you can continue raising your vibration and allowing in more sense of freedom. Enroll now to:

  • Identify a vice that is keeping you stuck and holding you back – especially the deeply rooted vice that underlie other bad habits.
  • Apply the 7 Essential Universal Laws at a deeper level for faster transformation and manifestation.
  • Experience firsthand how releasing a vice will shift your vibration and allow you to deliberately create the life you want.
  • Align with your highest self – and tap into your unlimited creativity.
  • Live in a state of joy and abundance.
  • And much more!

Here’s what’s included in this 30-day program so you can easily get started today:

  • Daily LIVE connection with Christy Whitman on Facebook Live broadcasts from January 8 through 30, 2019. During these powerful 20-minute sessions each morning, Christy will offer a meditation or process to help you dive deeper into understanding the 7 Essential Universal Laws – and using them to start to let go of your vices. (A $1,000 Value)
  • The 30-Day Vice Challenge Activity Sheets … full of exercises and space for you to capture your thoughts, ideas, insights and transformation. (A $50 Value)
  • 2 LIVE Zoom Calls with Christy where you can ask questions, get coaching and learn from the insights Christy shares with other participants. (A $200 Value)
  • Recordings of each broadcast in case you miss any sessions. Also listen to the meditations multiple times each day to keep your vibration high and your energy focused. (A $500 Value)

Enroll by January 10 and Receive 30 Days of Quantum Success in February for FREE (A $497 Value)

30 Days of Quantum Success is delivered LIVE in a private Facebook group. In just 20 minutes a day, Christy will lead you through meditations and processes to help you connect with your Divine Self – and create energetic shifts that will empower you to deliberately create the life you want. You’ll:

  • Establish a stronger and deeper connection with your Divine Self – the eternal part of you that is constantly looking to expand and experience more.
  • Bring more love, peace, beauty, fun and joy into your daily life.
  • Facilitate deep healing and energetic shifts to you can raise your vibration.
  • Accelerate and amplify your ability manifest exactly what you want.
  • Feel happy in your own skin and life.
  • Get relief from the fear and uncertainty about what is happening in our world today.

The regular monthly tuition for this program is $497. You’ll get access for 30 days for FREE.

“I am now on my second month of the 30 Days of Quantum Success and I am getting so much out of it, I will continue to join as long as Christy offers this group. To start every morning raising my vibration, and listening to Christy’s meditation or processes, is such a wonderful way to start the day. It helps to keep my vibration high throughout the day and I listen to the replay several times throughout the day, which I really love. In December, I just had the intuitive hit to join the group, and since then I have seen an increase in my business, peace and calmness throughout the holidays, which I really needed, and increase in my self-confidence, something that has been my goal going into the new year. I look forward to each and every morning, and if I ever have a question, Christy has been great about taking the time to clarify and answer. I also love the group energy, this has been well worth my investment. Thank you Christy!”

-Christine Sexton Walker

7-Day “Your Happiness Is Guaranteed” Promise

My Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

I wholeheartedly believe that The 30-Day Vice Freedom Program will help you free yourself from the vices that are keeping you stuck and holding you back. But see for yourself – join me each day for the first 7 days, and if:

  • You don’t get clear on the vices that are standing in the way of your Having It All life
  • You don’t start feeling more in control of your life – and less at the mercy of your vices
  • You’re dissatisfied for any reason (even the way the course is designed)

… let me know, and I’ll happily refund 100% of your financial investment into the program – no questions asked.

Here’s What Students Are Saying…

“Today will be day 17 of my second venture into this extraordinary, expansive and love filled space. I am booking the next one too, this says it all. I love being a part of this group of like-minded souls all deeply focused on their personal growth. Christy’s beautiful sense of fun and warm personality always brings a smile to my face and I love celebrating with her as she sees the first person join, as I know we all do. The place I inhabit now is so far removed from when I started that I just want to keep on going. Her processes and meditations are wonderful, like coming home. I cannot recommend this highly enough, just do it, you owe it to yourself. Like a pebble dropped into a still pool, the ripples are far reaching ((( ? )))”

-Souli Yates

“Christy’s classes are packed full of information. They are so much more than I could ever imagine. Everything is so well organized & professional. Christy presents the material in an easy to understand way and offers amazing support with her classes. Christy always goes the extra mile. Her generosity is greatly appreciated and a wonderful example for us all. She calls us her family & truly makes you feel that way. Christy has facilitated positive growth and change in my life and has opened the door for many new opportunities. I feel empowered, inspired, and enthusiastic about my life. Thank you Christy.” ”

-Beth Duval

“It says quantum in the title and that is truly what I experience each day of this program – openings, insights, life changing shifts EVERY day – all delivered with love, compassion and wisdom. Deeply grateful that I valued myself enough to be part of this amazing group. Heartfelt thanks for creating this opportunity.”

-Mary Tudor

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