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The elite few who rise to the top of any athletic endeavor share certain obvious characteristics:

Talent, confidence, motivation, an intimate knowledge of the game, and a higher-than-average ability to manage pressure and anxiety, to name just a few. But if success came down to physical prowess, technical skill and mental attitude alone, everyone who applied this winning formula would achieve athletic greatness, and clearly this is not the case.

What is it, then, that differentiates the athlete who is devastated by past failures from the one who is galvanized by them? What explanation do we have for the athlete who stays clear-minded and single-focused even when the odds are stacked against him or her; who instinctively understands that every setback is a potential comeback in the making?


Over the last few decades, the fields of athletic coaching and sports psychology have come a long way toward answering these important questions.

Methods such as visualization, meditation, hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming – once viewed as esoteric and fringe – are now commonplace. Scientifically-backed studies now support the understanding that the state of an athlete’s mind and emotions is just as important as the condition of his or her body.


But what is still missing from even the most cutting-edge approach to athletic coaching is a working understanding of the realm of energy – the powerful, unseen forces that precede, underlie and orchestrate the unfolding of every physical manifestation.

It’s the athlete’s underlying energy or vibration that gets broadcasted, invisibly but unmistakably, to teammates and fans alike, generating either an atmosphere of hopelessness and defeat or foretelling an imminent victory. The athlete’s internal energetic state allows him or her to remain still even in the midst of chaos, and to focus all available resources on the moment that’s unfolding now, rather than squander them by dwelling on either the future or the past. On a purely physiological level, the athlete’s energetic state determines whether his or her muscles tense up or work in perfect synchrony to fire in just the right sequence to make the shot. What separates the good from the great; the ordinary moments from the seemingly magical, comes down to our own personal energetic alignment.


As Muhammad Ali, the boxer dubbed by GQ magazine as the “Athlete of the Century” so beautifully expressed, “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses… behind the lines, in the gym, and out there in the road, long before I dance under those lights.”


Every good athletic coach knows that preparation is only part of the equation in an athlete’s success.

You can’t teach good timing. You can’t teach instinct. No one can prepare an athlete for the moment when the best move is to abandon the play you planned on running and use your in-the-moment intuition to innovate a whole new strategy. These are the fine points and nuances that can only be mastered through an understanding of energy – how to read it, how to redirect it when it’s blocked, and how to shift it at will. These are the skills I teach when coaching every elite athlete.

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Beyond “the Zone:” Introducing The Flow Factor Elite Athletic Coaching

What every crowd cheers for, what every scout is searching for, and what every coach hopes to evoke from his or her players is that special something that goes beyond skill, confidence, natural talent, and an intimate knowledge of the game. They are looking for athletes with the “It” factor – who consistently demonstrate exceptional instincts, flexibility and timing; who possess an intuitive sense of how teammates and opponents alike are moving and thinking.

The difference that makes the difference between a good athlete and a superstar is their ability to cultivate an inner oasis of calm in the midst of chaos; to turn the shifting tide of momentum back into one’s own favor; to recognize when it’s time to push forward with force, and when success in the moment demands a lighter touch. The “It” factor that separates the great from the truly extraordinary comes down to an athlete’s ability to achieve alignment within the complex circuitry of his or her physical, mental, and spiritual energies. This alignment is the Flow Factor.

The Flow Factor™ is a cutting-edge approach that trains athletes to consistently achieve higher levels of performance by developing greater mastery over the flow of their own internal energies. Developed by Christy Whitman, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach and a multiple New York Times bestselling author, this breakthrough technology shows athletes how to:

  • Achieve a state of harmony between body, mind, belief, and desired outcome
  • Consistently breakthrough previous limitations – physical, mental, and psychological
  • Transmute the energies of pressure and anxiety
  • Release the tendency to ruminate over past mistakes or worry about future failures
  • Understand the powerful connection between inner alignment and synchronicity
  • Consciously transcend the fight-or-flight reactions that generate spirals of fear or frustration, so they can capitalize on opportunities that would otherwise be missed
  • Utilize the intimate link between mind and body to fuel their highest performance, prevent and heal from injury, and hasten recovery time

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