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If you’ve found your way to this page, it’s likely that you are on a journey to discover more about the power of your true spiritual nature.

Maybe your whole life you’ve been haunted by questions like, Who am I really? Why am I here? Or Is this all there is? You may be in the middle of a transition that’s causing you to re-evaluate what you truly value and desire to create from this point forward. Or, you may be trying to make sense of a difficult event, or to heal from a trauma – big or small – that’s left you feeling broken, deeply confused, disconnected, or numb.

Contrasting experiences like these may be an inevitable part of life, but most of us become paralyzed by them to the point that we can no longer access the happiness and empowerment that is our birthright. In the presence of unwanted experiences, we regress into primal, unproductive, and eons-old reactions to the obstacle in front of us: we freeze, flee, fight or fawn in an attempt to deny or outrun the painful circumstance that’s unfolding around us.

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But what we resist persists. And when we don’t yet know how to extract the wisdom from and then release the painful residue of past relationships and situations, that energy becomes stuck within us, affecting both the quality of the new experiences we draw into our lives, and our ability to manifest our hearts’ desires.

And so, it may be a beneficial time to begin asking yourself, what part of your life are you currently railing against? Is it some part of yourself? Are you frustrated about, locked into opposition with, or feeling heartbroken by another person? Are you dreading or fearful about a particular situation or experience you’re involved with?

The first step to transforming any situation is to stop trying to suppress, deny, or obliterate it, and to simply acknowledge the emotions this contrasting situation is triggering within you. It could be a “hot” emotion, like rage, frustration, embarrassment, or shame. Or maybe you’re feeling the icy emptiness of anxiety, terror, abandonment, disillusionment, powerlessness or isolation. While painful to feel, these emotions are simply blocked energy. Sometimes we’re able to release it on our own, and sometimes we need the support of a qualified professional to help us release the blocks in our energy fields and create our lives anew, from a higher spiritual vibration.

Christy Whitman With Spiritual Seekers At Live Events and Retreats.

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Beyond “the Zone:” Introducing Spiritual Coaching

I provide spiritual coaching to women and men of all ages and from all walks of life – parents, students, managers, business owners, seekers – who feel stuck in an unwanted condition, relationship or experience, and are suffering from the pain of that contrast.

Founded in scientifically proven methods of energy mastery, my coaching methods illuminate a path to freedom, guiding people to view contrast not as something to be avoided, but – like gravity – as a force to be understood and harnessed.

Within every unwanted experience lies a fertile seed of what is preferred. And when we learn how to feed and nurture this seed – rather than railing against the unwanted situation – and entirely new reality begins to take root in our experience.



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