** 24 Industry Gurus get…..NAKED?!?!? ***

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February 6, 2013
About Christy
February 6, 2013

Yep, 24 experts, including me, are BARING ALL in the upcoming “GET TO YES FORMULA” – A FREE CLIENT ATTRACTION & SALES MASTERY TRAINING” happening between Jan. 21st and Feb. 5th, 2013.

They’re stripping away all pretenses and telling you the straight story about exactly what they’ve done to generate an avalanche of clients and create multiple-6-and-7 figure businesses!

The “Get-To-Yes Formula” Training is a two-week virtual event all about how to attract and enroll your ideal clients NOW – and it’s all from the comfort of your own home (via phone or internet). Plus, you’ll receive access to ALL class recordings absolutely FREE!

Register Here: http://bit.ly/GTYFChristy

You’ll hear from such experts as Suzanne Evans, Pamela Bruner, Jeneth Blackert, Rich German, Maria Andros, Heather Dominick, Eva Gregory, Brandy Mychals, Mary Allen, Kathleen Gage, Sage Lavine, Lisa Cherney, Nancy Marmolejo, and myself – plus more!

Tired of hearing “I can’t afford it”? Frustrated knowing you have so much to offer but just can’t seem to “seal the deal”? Ready to double or even triple the size of your business?

Then highly encourage you to join us!


Register Here: http://bit.ly/GTYFChristy


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