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March 5, 2014
The Abundace Index
March 5, 2014

Join legendary philosopher and renowned author Ken Wilber for a very special one hour seminar on March 20, 2014.

In this free online seminar Ken will expound the most distilled version of his mind-blowing life’s work to date (which is often referred to as ‘a theory of everything’). On this call you will learn:

  • How to uncover and activate your hidden potentials– making you more productive, abundant, and whole
  • A comprehensive map for your life (and for everyone’s life) that will positively impact every relationship you have
  • The one critical action necessary to reduce fear (in pretty much everything) and the freedom that comes with this
  • A new definition of ‘success’, and how you can tap into your limitless potential right now, in this moment
  • Why transforming your own life can bring an end to global problems like war and poverty (seriously)!
  • The truth about this unique moment in time we are living– what many researchers call a ‘quantum leap in human evolution’
  • The 5 major transformations in the history of human evolution — and what’s next.

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