Creating Your Ideal Body 8-Week Course: Starting March18, 2014

Write Your Desires
March 5, 2014
Monthly Meditation & Affirmations
March 5, 2014

This 8-week course has been designed to assist you in creating your ideal body, which includes your ideal weight and health. It is based on the premise that your inner world creates your outer world. The more you concentrate on changing your inner reality, the faster you will see new results in your outer reality.

There is a reason that you have the type of body you have right now. By working with your feelings, thoughts, and intentions, you can become a master creator and truly create the body you desire, regardless of your age. YOU are the source of your bodily conditions. By linking with the unlimited well-being of your soul or higher self, by opening your connection to the higher forces, by expressing and radiating your higher qualities of inner peace, joy, love, and freedom,
you become the creator of the magnificence of your physical body.

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