The Quarterlife Upgrade FREE Virtual Conference July 22-26

Truth about Money Sabotage & Your Lower Chakras
July 3, 2013
Create Your Life of Freedom and Have Success on Your Own Terms
July 3, 2013

You may have bought into the misunderstanding that you are supposed to have your entire life figured out by your 20s or 30s. This is not true! Our quarterlife is an exciting, yet often stressful and confusing time because there is a lot of pressure to make a lot of major life choices.

If you are asking questions like, “What do I want to do with my life?” or feeling stuck along your career path or stressing out about money or relationships, and are ready for some relief and solutions or just love getting inspired and motivated, then you gotta take advantage of this amazing resource:

The Quarterlife Upgrade FREE Virtual Conference July 22-26 Everything you need to know to rock your 20s & 30s. Register for FREE here (insert your unique URL here)

Christine Hassler, whose passion for teaching how to overcome a quarterlife crisis is infectious, is bringing together 30+ of the top thought leaders of this generation to give INSPIRING and ACTIONABLE advice to Gen Y across the categories of career, money, health, relationships, spirituality, and making a difference.

Each 50 minute interview is jam-packed full of content that you didn’t get in college, grad school, or from your parents. You will be empowered to create the life you desire by AMAZING and RELATABLE experts like Mastin Kipp, Gabby Bernstein, Amanda Steinberg, Scott Gerber, Kate Nortrup, Lissa Rankin, Mat Boggs, Kute Blackson, ME and many others.

This summit is about delivering the best of the best information to YOU – emerging leaders, mothers, fathers, leaders, philanthropist, entrepreneurs, CEO, politicians and change makers – so that you can conquer common struggles that face us all during this time in our life.

Even if you are not a 20 or 30 something, the up to date wisdom and practical advice will make you feel young again and is timeless in nature.

I loved my interview with Christine! Her first two books blew the lid of the quarterlife crisis and she is uber passionate about providing Gen Y’ers with the resources they need to be successful in ALL aspects of life.

What you need to know

Dates: July 22-26th, 2013 (schedule forthcoming)

Price: FREE. Six interviews per day, each will be available live to stream *free* for 24 hours.

Where: Sign up online at

I hope you will join us in upgrading your life, being open to possibilities, and being the next best version of you.


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