our core beliefs

What We Believe In

The Christy Whitman Family is dedicated to living a life of unlimited potential and helping others do the same. We trust in the laws of the universe and you should too.

We know You have the power
to create & live your best life

We Just have to ask for
what we want and need.


The Core Beliefs We Live By:

YOU are the energy master of your own life. You embody energy healing and have the power to improve your circumstances.

All-that-is loves and adores you, and is always helping you and healing you.

You direct this unlimited flow of energy wherever you want, allowing you to manifest.

It is your Divine Nature to create. This creation is invigorating.

You have an unbreakable connection with your Divine Self. This connection is an unlimited, constant flow of good energy that permeates everything you do and experience.

You are the center of consciousness through which the power of the Source flows and connects with your Divine Self. When you reach within, your other mind becomes the channel for that power.

Your life is your one, true “Life Partner” and you are never separated from it.

There are no problems. If you perceive something as a problem, it will become a reality. You can prevent this. This is one of the guaranteed laws of the universe.

Lower level emotions are not who you are. They are merely a part of your personality development. Spiritual cleansing can help you elevate your emotions, opening you up to manifest what you desire.

You don’t have to suffer. Drama, chaos and pain are illusions and stem from a limited mind. Your Divine Design was not made for this. Through energy healing and spiritual cleansing, you have the power to leave this limited perspective behind.

Humans are spiritual beings in temporary physical form living in a material world for the joy of it. Your actual state of existence is between two worlds.

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