Source/Source Energy

This is another term for God, Divine, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, or All-that-is.  It is the one unified consciousness or life force that flows through everyone and everything, and that manifests in an infinite number of diverse forms.   Source is the birthplace of love, abundance, prosperity, freedom, joy, and all other life-sustaining energies that are part of our divine birthright.  Source energy originates in the non-physical world and constantly flows into the physical world, in us, through us, and in all that we create around us.

Divine Self

The Divine Self is the aspect of us that exists at an even higher level than the soul. It is the spiritual essence of our being, the source of all light and life within us. Your soul is closer in frequency to your personality, and is an intermediary between you and your Divine Self until such time as you are able to directly experience and realize the Divine Self as who you are.

The Divine, Eternal Self is omnipresent (everywhere at once), omnipotent (all powerful), and omniscient (all-knowing). It is the aspect of self that is free from all attachments and beyond all action; the self that is constant, unchanging, indestructible, and immutable. Is always the same.

Note that no words or descriptions of the Divine Self are adequate; it can only be known through direct experience, and cannot be understood through the rational mind.

Divine Design

Each human being is created in the image and likeness of the Divine, and are born with a pattern and program within our hearts, minds and souls to create a life in physical form that is a perfect reflection or out-picturing of our divinity. Our divine design encompasses four important quadrants of our lives: health and well-being; abundance; creative self-expression that leads to success; and loving and supportive relationships. As we recognize, accept and align with our birthright to thrive in each of these areas, we realize the full potential of our divinity while in physical form.

Realm of the Spirit

All living things exist in two dimensions simultaneously. Although we are physically focused, we are sourced by non-physical energy. Whether we refer to this energy as spirit, life force, God, or something else entirely makes no difference. This spiritual energy is constantly moving through us and manifesting as the experiences we create in our lives.

Higher Vibration/Lower Level Energy

Everything in our seemingly physical world is made up of energy that is moving or vibrating at varying degrees of speed and at different ranges of frequency. This is true of external objects and forms, and it is also true of inner processes such as thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Bad-feeling, painful emotions such as fear, resentment or shame represent lower level energy, because these vibrations move at a slow and resisted rate of speed. Conversely, high-flying, good-feeling emotions like anticipation, exhilaration and freedom have far less resistance and move at a higher rate of speed.

The frequency of our most dominant thoughts and emotions is what determines whether our vibration is low or high. Raising your spiritual vibration is simply a matter of choosing higher frequency states of being, and bringing your thoughts, moods and expectations into alignment with that frequency.


Abundance is our original state of being. It is the ever-flowing, infinite sea of love, creativity and wellbeing that sustains us and the universe at large. Because we are inextricably connected to the source that nourishes all things, we have unlimited access to everything we could ever need or want. Abundance can be demonstrated in all aspects of life including financial prosperity, success, joy, wellbeing, connection, freedom. When we are aligned with our true, unlimited nature, we enter a state of abundance. And the doorway into abundance is satisfaction, sufficiency and contentment.


Being in a state of enlightenment means being conscious of who you are as both a non-physical being and a physical being. Enlightenment is the awakening of truth within you. It is understanding your eternal connection with Source energy, and managing this connection on purpose. We enter a state of enlightenment when we realize that in every moment we are creating our reality through the power of our focused consciousness.

The Quantum Council of Light

is a collection of non-physical ascended masters, a collective consciousness, as extensions of source energy. They are teachers, in spirit. The Council teaches through me the importance of learning energy mastery so that others can learn how to create experiences, objects, money, and love in the physical world using the spiritual laws of abundance. The Council feels that the ability to become aware of, understand, and deliberately create by directing our energy is the key to creating joyful and fulfilling lives.

The Council of Light wants humans to learn how to manage and master our energy fields as tools for expanding our vitality and evolution, and to let go of anxiety, confusion, and guilt in all aspects of life. They want to help people understand they are divinely designed to experience well-being, abundance, success and loving, expansive relationships. The Council are beings of light. They are guides that exist in the higher dimensions. They are here as assistants and spiritual teachers to help us in our journey of personal growth and to awaken us to the higher aspects and truth of ourselves.

The Sacred Circle of Light

is a weekly program that allows people to work directly with the Council to release blocks in their own energy fields and achieve energy mastery.

Energy Master

Energy masters are those who understand the importance of being aware of, understanding and influencing the energy that we are in each offering by way of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, words and actions. As energy masters, we deliberately align our personal frequency with the frequencies that we want to experience from the unlimited source and stream of universal abundance. When, as energy masters, we encounter evidence that we are misaligned and therefore not creating what we want, we utilize tools and practices that return us to our natural state of alignment.

Becoming an energy master will teach you:

  • How to apply all the Universal Laws in order to create freedom, joy, and abundance into your life.
  • How to turn on your “money magnet” and draw in abundance.
  • How to awaken your prosperity sub-personality.
  • How to allow yourself to receive, believe you deserve, and open yourself to unlimited joy and prosperity.
  • How to release fears of success and failure.
  • How to clear beliefs and old programming.
  • How to release all doubts and fears to become more powerful and confident.

And so much more!

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