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Listening to your inner guidance
September 5, 2009
The Law of Allowing
November 7, 2009

You are not a separated personality; you have a team, or energy you can call on any time you need. You have unlimited power when you are in this space – power to send away energies that are bothering you, power to clear old things, power to build the new.

When you are becoming a deliberate creator, there are certain steps to take when attracting what you desire. The first few steps are about preparation, and moving into a different energy vibration. You will create what you have always created unless you get to a new level of light. There is a saying, “If you do what you have always done, you are going to get what you have always had”. This is also similar to the definition of insanity. The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Think about this definition for a second and ask yourself, does this definition apply to the way you are applying the Law of Attraction?

You need to move to a higher level of illumination or vibration in order to change what you have in your life. There are many ways to do this, but the quickest way I have found is to meditate and work with your higher energies that are always available to you.

The next step is to identify who you are as your Divine Self, with the power, will, wisdom, love, illumination, and inspiration, rather than the personality self that feels sometimes helpless and up against all these forces. In order to get to the next level in you life you will want to shift the identification in how you manifest from your personality self to your Divine Self. Another way of saying this is, you need to connect and identify with the powerful being that you are. Much of the work in the Goddess weekend will be focused on that.

The third step is alignment. Imagine that you are building a bridge of light to your Divine Self and bringing back with you some of the qualities that open that connection to the Self more and more on a daily basis. What can you bring into your life on a daily basis that will allow you to get in touch with the Divine Self?

We are all humans and each one of us has those days where we are swept away by life and there are different ways our attention gets diverted. It is us that have to make this spiritual connection a priority. We are the one’s that have to schedule or set aside time to put ourselves in a space of alignment by meditation, coaching, reading or whatever else connects you. It really is what vibration you are sending out on a daily basis that determines the richness of your life.

An analogy that has been used often is that we send our consciousness like a spider that wants to get somewhere, it sends out their web, and then crawls across it. You might think of the Divine Self shining down upon us. It is reaching down, wanting to pull us in, wanting to get our attention, but we must build the bridge from our end. We must reach up and send that light upward, so that the higher and lower can meet.

Once you are in that connection with your higher or Divine Self, it is important to prioritize your creations. In many of the esoteric books they say that part of the problem with humanity and the problem that has created disease and congestion, is all the incomplete thoughts and directions; how scattered people are. You may have ten different things you want to manifest. If you want to manifest something you are going to have to focus on it and make it your intention, and stay with it over time. One of the greatest detriments to manifesting is scattered energy. We all know the pull of this, and the pull of that. In each moment, where are we being pulled to, where are we directing our energy?

It is important to get really clear on what you want to create and focus your intention on those things. I am guilty of wanting to create ten different things at a time. I have noticed that when I have too many creations out there, it takes each one of them longer to manifest and I start to question my power to create. I have learned over the years to pick a few things at a time and prioritize what is the most important thing for me and to maintain my focus and intention on those things. They manifest quick and it helps my belief in the Law of Attraction and my own ability to create.

As you connect with the Divine Self, and as you work in this way, you can really shorten the time. You can have your manifestations set up much more quickly. The more we learn to manifest from our Divine Self, the quicker the appearance of the form, and the more precise the form.

I was reflecting on what is the difference when I manifest from my personality versus from my Divine Self. I manifest in a much quicker and elegant way. I realized even in small things, what I create is so much more magnificent, even in the act of buying a car, or attracting something simple.

I wanted to purchase a different car, because getting Alex in and out of my convertible was not in ease and effortlessness. It was killing my back and was getting grumpy every time I had to run an errand. I was unable to put the stroller in my car, so I had to carry him around in the car seat everywhere I went. I told Frederic what I desired. We went to the dealership and the exact car I wanted was available. The dealership had a SUV that was a representative’s car so I was able to purchase the automobile with low mileage and pay less than if it was new.

You can manifest this way (divine manifesting) and everything you do will bring a blessing. From the people you meet, the amazing coincidences, the connections, and the people you will help that in return help you. There will be a momentum that you build as you create something; it just leads to the next thing. There is a building momentum of success with manifesting when you create in this way. You will find that the creation itself – what you want to manifest–will begin to give you energy. First it is going to take your energy, but as you begin to build it, a lot of energy is going to come back to you. It is going to be a source of energy, and you are going to have a relationship to that creation.

We are here to manifest. I mean that is what spirit wants to do here, is to create form. We love our creations. We like to think about them. We get excited when we think of them. Manifesting is dear to our hearts. We were born to manifest. I think it is part of our major purpose here on earth, is to create. Why are we here to create? I think one of the answers is, “Because we love our creations”.

Send love to those things that you want to manifest. Feel as if they have already manifested. Connect with the essence of what it feels like to already having it in your life. Vibrate from a space of fulfillment. And enjoy the process of bringing it into your life.

Happy manifesting

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