My father passed on May 1st and I was with him when he took his last breath. I wanted to share this beautiful memorial video with my community.

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I had the tool of meditation to connect with him on a much grander and expanded level than I ever could while he was in his body.

Don’t get me wrong… I was daddy’s girl and there was no debating that by anyone. He even told the night nurse each night about me, and how much he loved my mom and how proud he was of me.

He was evidence of complete polarity and complexity, as you may have heard a story or two about him or my mom.

and now I know he is at peace. finally.

And I feel him on the other side with me, and I am excited about my future with him guiding my way.

I am looking forward to a different but even more expanded relationship with him now, because he doesn’t have any limitations, pain points, or shortcomings.

What a delight.

But in the process, and we are always in process…

I grieve and release.

Meditation is my go-to tool then, now, and forever.

You are infinitely loved,
Christy & The Council