Abundance Healing And Shifting

Learn How To Shift From Lack To Abundance

It seems like no matter how hard you work, nothing improves. It can be discouraging to say the least. Why aren’t you getting that promotion you want? Why aren’t you creating the relationships you desire?

Working hard is not the key to success. It all comes down to energy. Manifesting abundance is well within your power once you learn to master your energy. You are repelling the very things you want. You have to break the negative thinking patterns that are keeping you from success.


In this 50 minute online training, you’ll discover:


How to turn your dreams into reality and get to the next level in your life, whatever that may be. (Learn about the shift you must make to manifest with ease and grace, everything you’ve ever wanted)


2 patterns that are sabotaging your success. (Negative thinking patterns repel what you want and need. Learn how to change these patterns to expand your abundance)


The 4 step process to transform negative beliefs into positive affirmations. (What beliefs are limiting you? By replacing them with positive affirmations, you will begin to fill life with joy, ease and abundance)


How to make manifesting abundance second nature

Explore the simple art of expanding abundance in all areas of your life. Through one critical shift, you can manifest every opportunity you’ve been hoping for.

“My success, I believe it started with your course The Abundance Principles Course.”

I joined the QSCA in March. I was waiting for the course to begin so I started going through the daily course. I put it on my to do list to go into that program and do it the very first thing every day.

Now, 9 months later I win $22,284.00!!

I was doing the program everyday. I wrote down each day’s quote so I could have it in my handwriting and it would be close to me every day. I do have to say as the months went on I did not read it every day but the teachings were still in me.

I won this money playing the Queen of Hearts game. It is played at the local American Legion, Moose, and VFW halls in the area. It helps them raise money and gives some back to the winner. I had played several times and always hoped they would draw my name but I think at this time I had already gave my abundance up to the universe and knew I was already there so I was not putting as much pressure on this particular game.

They called my name out of about 4,000 other chances of winners. I had 20 of those chances in the 4,000. They have to see if I drew the Queen of Hearts card at that point if I did I would have won the entire kiddy. I drew the Queen of Spades. That paid out 20% of the $111,000 kiddy. I was ecstatic !!

Thank you for developing the course and helping me see that I was already abundant and was able to attract the money into my life.

– L.O.

“I felt something heavy lift off the left side of my head and throughout the Abundance session there was a feeling of peace around the energy of Abundance. I will go back and listen to it again. To remind myself what abundance feels like.”

Dixie Weller

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