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Quantum Energy Mastery Gives You Practical Applications For Everyday Life, Situations And Circumstances On HOW To Master Your Energy. So You Will Find More Joy, Pleasure And Fun In Your Daily Life.


Quantum Success Coaching Academy
Online Certification

Christy - Super Flow State


Being in a flow state creates a beautiful feeling of freedom, support, stability and of course flow and it’s fun!


Learn practical and easy-to-apply processes to both ground yourself, expand your consciousness and connection with your inner guides, as Christy & The Council guide you during these impactful weekend workshops to lean into more clarity, confidence, and miracles in your life.

Let go of trying to control situations and, instead simply allow and nurture more loving and supportive relationships in all areas of your life.


Activate with The HIGHEST ENERGY VIBRATIONS AVAILABLE through The Council at this time, all FOUR Bodies: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual to create your own personal Energy Innermix which is your Energy Signature, unique to you and so satisfying to experience.

We will also activate with higher energy all levels of the Energy Body to include your auric field, etheric, celestial and causal bodies.

Conscious Parenting Program


If you are a parent to another person (no matter what age), or you find there is resistance (or was in the past) with your own parent, or if you want to heal your own inner child this experience is perfect for you.







A step-by-step guide exploring the simple art of expanding abundance in all areas of your life. Through one critical shift, you can manifest every opportunity you’ve been hoping for. You will discover how:

  • To get clear on what you want.
  • To connect with the feeling of what you want.
  • To become your source of abundance, not other people’s situations or circumstances.
  • To create your own definition of having it all.
  • And much more!

A step-by-step, proven process to get the amazing future you desire – without having to “try harder” to do it. You’ll finally be able to:

  • Get clear on what you want in all aspects of your life.
  • Master the 3 steps of manifestation – imagining, visualizing and feeling what you want to create, and attracting that creation through the power of your expectations and beliefs.
  • Connect with your future self who is living your dream life … and enjoy the high vibrational energy of abundance and success.
  • Build momentum towards creating your magnificent, successful, awesome life.
  • And much more!

A step-by-step guide to manifesting your soulmate. You’ll discover how to:

  • Magnetize a soulmate who will enhance who you are, connect with you at the soul level, and be a source of love.
  • Attract any person you want – a life partner … your future children … amazing new friends … even stellar employees and clients.
  • Explore your readiness for a soulmate and learn more about yourself.
  • Release past relationships so you’re ready for your ideal partner.
  • And much more!

A step-by-step guide to the art of manifesting using advanced energy techniques, magnetism, and the spiritual laws of abundance. You’ll discover how to:

  • Think about money in a way that magnetically attracts financial abundance
  • Uncover what you really want – and how to know with every fiber of your being that you are the source of your abundance
  • Fully honor your true value and worth … and experience more joy
  • Practice the magnetic power of gratitude and appreciation for all you have now – and further open yourself to receiving
  • Increase your clarity and harmony around money issues … and use saving as a way to affirm your abundance
  • Change your energetic relationship with money once and for all … so you can finally have mastery over money instead of money having mastery over you
  • And much more!

A step-by-step, proven process to create your ideal body with NO dieting, NO restrictions and NO guilt – and keep it forever. You’ll finally be able to:

  • Make better decisions to move you toward your goals (not away from them)
  • Develop a mindset that aligns with your vision of success and release any energy that doesn’t support you in creating your ideal body
  • Connect to and feel the body you’ve always wanted – and start seeing it as your reality
  • Retrain your brain for immediate weight release that will last a lifetime
  • Drop the habits that are causing you pain … and permanently replace them with new habits that support your ideal body
  • Uncover the hidden blocks that are sabotaging your weight loss – including the real cause for your weight gain
  • And much more!

A step-by-step formula for becoming a powerful and deliberate manifestor. You’ll discover how to:

  • Become more magnetic to anything your heart and soul desires
  • Align with the spiritual laws of money and abundance so you can attract what you want, when you want it
  • Use advanced manifestation techniques to work with energy and draw in what you want
  • Effortlessly transform your beliefs
  • Develop unlimited thinking while you’re manifesting what you do want
  • Stop trying to control your conditions, feeling frustrated about your results, and fearing what the future may bring
  • Embrace your innate power as a deliberate creator and source of your own abundance
  • Achieve the prosperity you want without having to “try harder” to do it
  • And much more!

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