Having Money is Your Birthright!

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November 23, 2010
The New Year is here: Make Goals Not Resolutions
January 10, 2011

Having Money is Your Birthright!

Did you know that money does not have any special power other than the power that we give it? Most people give money the power to make us secure, insecure, happy, miserable, healthy, ill, successful, beautiful, popular, powerful, weak, tense, relaxed, smart, better or worse than others, etc.

In reality money has none of these powers. Money is only a medium of exchange for goods and services. Through our own conditioning, money has become one of the things that takes away our power.

Most people have made money the source of their pain and struggle. They feel powerless to it. They feel not good enough or deserving of it. It is almost as if it is a living entity that has a mind of its own. Well, it does not. In fact, it only does what we tell it to do. We create money through our own acceptance of our prosperity. We attract or repel it through our attitudes and beliefs about it.

I am teaching Alex about money so that he has a healthy relationship with it. I tell him how easy it is to create. How much fun it is to have. How it allows us to experience fun and beautiful things and allows us to have security and comfort. It also allows him to give to others less fortunate. I am also teaching him to respect it, and that he is the source of his happiness and security, not the money. So we play with it as you see here in this video.

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Alex loves watching the video of himself playing with the money, so now requests the money video every time I take out the camera. Frederic was teaching him the alphabet in French and I decided to film it. He saw the camera and wanted to see the money video. It made us laugh so hard. Enjoy!

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Get in touch with your own feelings about money. How do you handle money? Do you take care of your money, or do you spend it foolishly? How do you feel when you receive your bills? How do you feel when you spend money? Do you feel you are losing it, or exchanging it?

Whatever your attitudes are about money and abundance, whatever your current financial situation is, accept that you have created it. This is the first step in changing your situation. You are the creator of your own experience. Money did not do this to you, or anyone else for that matter.

One of my clients told me that she had been working and the company was not giving her money on time. I explained to her that the company is not her source of money – the source of her money and abundance is God/Goddess/All That Is. She is the one that is allowing or disallowing the money to come through the avenue of her job. When she shifted her perception that her company is not the source, she felt more empowered. When she understood that she was the creator and attractor of her money, she felt empowered and her company immediately started to pay her on time every time.

So if you don’t have enough money say, “I chose to create having not enough and I now choose to have enough. It is my birthright.” Decide what you want your financial situation to be. Choose the amount of money you would like to have. Write out a detailed description of the money you want and see yourself living that image. Picture yourself depositing money into your bank accounts. See yourself withdrawing the money and spending it or donating it. See yourself paying your bills knowing that you have enough, and grateful that you have the bills because they are allowing you to have something: communication, heat, light, etc.

Imagine how you will feel when you have all of the things you want. Step into the feeling of having money. What is the feeling you think it will give you? Identify that feeling and then connect with that. Let that be your dominant vibration as you move throughout your day.
Know that abundance is your birthright. You have available to you everything you need and more. You can do good things for others as well as yourself. It helps you to be of service to yourself and others – your family, friends, loved ones, and even strangers.
It is like I am teaching Alex: Money is fun. It is easy to create. And you are the source of it! Enjoy


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