The Council Speaks on Current Events…

I wanted to get this out to you, because it’s really important information for the state of affairs that people are experiencing  right now.
They were asked…

Since the Fourth of July, I have been trying to formulate how to succinctly express myself in a “brief” question for the Council. It’s such a deep question I don’t know if I adequately wrote the question about “Evil” and when innocent people are victims.


The event I was talking about happened in my community at the 4th of July parade. What I’m learning from this QEM program and the Council does not make sense at all in this type of situation. I am a seeker…always seeking capital T Truth. And when I can’t comprehend or wrap my mind around an understanding of the principles being taught, it creates doubt. I’ve been experiencing this since the 4th of July. I’m not as trusting of Christy’s teaching and the Council as I was prior because I cannot comprehend what I’m trying to express in my question.


It’s actually any situation of abuse, neglect, murder, etc., especially with children. How do these people create their reality and attract this to themselves? It makes much more sense to me that there actually is Evil, in the world…an entity or entities outside of one’s self that people become a victim of. When the Council and Christy sat there is ONLY LOVE AND LIGHT, and that’s all there is, then where is this dark energy coming from? I don’t understand it.


Also, in other “spiritual” experiences and activities I’ve participated in, (working with Shamans, Reiki healers, Mediums, Angel lightworkers, healers, etc) they do provide a circle of protection to allow only the highest light and vibration and no dark spirits or energy beings to enter in. This is different than what I’m hearing Christy and the Council says. It’s very confusing to me and is creating doubt about some of what I’m learning in QEM. I am hoping to gain some clarity. I have so many unanswered questions…and I suppose as long as I’m in this human form, I will continue to seek Truth and knowing! I feel like the more that I grow and evolve, the less I know and understand.


The Council answered this question during Quantum Energy Mastery and it really helped a lot of people (see video below):

We thought it would help give you perspective as well.
Christy & The Council

The Desire Factor Book – In The News

The Desire Factor book is back in the news!

Soulivity has chosen The Desire Factor for the December pick of the month!

What a surprise and honor to be chosen as the book pick of the month of Soulivity Magazine.


Therapeutic Thymes Magazine Features The Desire Factor Book

I am honored that Therapeutic Thymes Magazine featured The Desire Factor book in their Book Thyme section.



House Of Preeminence – Quantum Energy Mastery

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Remedy for Being Influenced Rather Than Being an Influencer

Well, this show is definitely one to end a decade of shows on.

It is essential to understand your energy and how to bring the light to any situation or relationship, instead of being influenced by the lower level vibrational energy.

And I just want to thank you for watching each of these shows, your feedback, love and trust.

This show has meant a lot to me, and I hope it has helped you.

We now will be broadcasting on The Desire Factor Podcast and will share a video on how to find it so you can take advantage of all the great resources and information.

You will have a variety of types of shows to choose from:

-Short 6 minute shows we call “Quickies”

-30-60 minute shows with experts/influencers

-10-20 minute shows of me teaching on the aspects of consciousness, emotional intelligence, vibrational medicine, 7 Essential Universal Laws, Watching Your Words, How to heal from lack to abundance, practical guidance and application of high vibe concepts, and so much more.

-Meditations (20 min)

Of course, you can always come to my website and listen to the podcast!

Thank you again! This is an ending and a beginning. As The Council says, “Transition is happening all the time. Embrace and enjoy it.”

You are Infinitely loved:)

Christy & The Council