Law of Attraction and Abundance

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April 22, 2009
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July 25, 2009

I have got to share this story on the Law of Attraction and Abundance with you. It blew me away, and I have been doing this work for over a decade.

I have been saying that I want to hire an assistant that lives in Montreal to help me with different aspects of my business. I have two wonderful assistants that live in Texas (Tamara), and California (Terri) and I wanted one that I could actually hand things to.

I made a very detailed list of all the qualities that I wanted in an assistant. I wrote out what their duties would be, and what characteristics he or she would possess. I even got so specific to say that I wanted this person to be good with babies, because when the little one comes, I will be teaching my certification program during the day and need someone to watch him (Yes, we are having a BOY!).


Assistant: file, administrative for CWI Inc., post office/UPS/Fax, promotions, set up interviews for platinum club, bookkeeping/accounting, contact speakers for summit, organize coaches files, affiliates, scheduled TV/radio interviews, pitch PR, clean house, watch baby while teaching classes during the day.

Characteristics: dedicated, trustworthy, integrity, spiritual, loving, gentle, takes direction well, loves my baby, organized, makes my life easy, fun, open, dependable, will to travel for events, respectful, intelligent, conscientious, happy, coachable, takes initiative, pay hourly, flexible, creative, committed.

One night “out of the blue” (Ha, there is no out of the blue), I felt inspired to write an ad on Craig’s list. It took me two minutes to write and post the ad.

The next day, I had over 40 applicants. I couldn’t believe it. So I decided I would first interview 9 of them over the phone to check out their “vibe” and I loved all 9 of them. I scheduled all of them for a face-to-face interview.

I was totally blown away.

The first woman I interviewed mentioned that she had all of these different qualifications, and then without me even saying anything to her, she mentioned that she was a baby whisperer and that if I needed her to watch the baby she would love that. WOW!

The next woman that I met, I instantly knew that the vibe was not there. But the next woman that I met . . . WOW! Let’s just say that she was the list that I wrote out above. She also is a housecleaner, loves babies (is a mom of two), and has all her experience in accounting/office management. I also loved her energy.

So, I would love to welcome Sharon to the CWI Inc. team.

One of my coaches asked me, so what exactly did you do? Did you spend time every day visualizing this person, how did you do this?

I told her I simply wrote out my list from the desire that I had to hire an assistant. I got crystal clear on what I wanted. I then let it go. Whenever I would think about my desire for the assistant (which I didn’t deliberately sit down and focus on the list) I would feel as if he or she was in my life. I could feel the soul of this person. I knew it would just be a matter of time before the universe orchestrated the events to bring him/her to me. That is what happened with the inspiration to put an ad on Craig’s list.
I was very much in an allowing place. My energy was clean about the desire. I was without anxiety, neediness, or fear. This is how you create anything that you desire.


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