Making Friends With Your Body

The Law of Reflection
February 5, 2010
What do you allow to take you away from your power?
May 12, 2010

Your body is always communicating with you. Your body is your partner in this lifetime. It is always doing its job, whether we realize it or not. Many of us ignore what our body is telling us. If we start to pay attention to what our body is communicating to us, we will be able to release any resistance that we have in the body. We may have little pains in our shoulders, or we have headaches, or we have a chronic condition. Some of us might have female issues like PMS. All of these are resistance in the body. Instead of ignoring the messages, or trying to get rid of them with drugs or medication, pay attention to what it is try to tell you.

A few weeks ago I got a really bad cold, and I rarely get sick. The funny thing was that it first started in my throat and I completely lost my voice. Not a great thing for someone that coaches, teaches and trains using the telephone. I had to cancel my entire week of clients, and have someone else teach my classes. Instead of getting upset that I was sick, I listened to my body. Knowing that my body is always trying to help, protect or communicate with me, I started to listen.

I am not one to slow myself down. My friends call me a red Lamborghini, because I am always moving pretty fast and creating in my life. Well, I am pregnant and I needed to slow down and get some rest. I was not doing that even though I was really tired, so my body decided to do it for me. That week that I was forced to slow down, I realized that is exactly what I needed. I took naps and really cared for myself. I allowed myself to just be and not do. When I got the message from my body, I had a choice. I could have resisted it, or surrender to it. I surrendered.

This is exactly how you can heal your body from whatever disease or minor problem that you have. Listen to the pain or discomfort. Go into it and ask your body, “What are you trying to tell me?” Go in and feel the emotions that are connected with the resistance. Let them flow out of your body so you can bring in the feelings of well-being that is natural to you.

I have so many clients that come to me and say, “I have a headache.” Or “I have a pain in my lower back.” Or “My shoulder is killing me.” When they stop and listen to their bodies and what it is telling them, they can then address what the resistance is and heal it. If you are experiencing emotions, but you are not paying attention to them, they are they going to manifest in your body to get you to pay attention. The more you ignore them, the louder they will get.

People ask me, well if I go into the resistance and pay attention to what I don’t want, isn’t that going to create more? Because Law of Attraction, what you focus upon expands, it makes sense, right? Well, the Law of Attraction is always responding to your vibrational set point. If you have a set point of frustration and it has manifested inside your body as a small pain then that is the set point that you are attracting from. You need to pay attention to it, even for a short time, so that you can then release it. You don’t want to stay in the frustration, but you do want to pay attention long enough to get the message, release it, and then shift into a different vibration.

Working with the Law of Attraction does not mean that you should ignore or suppress what is really going on within you. When you are real and honest with what is happening within you, then you can release it and move on. We have all heard the saying “The truth shall set you free.” It is so true and so healing.

Our bodies naturally want to be in well-being. It actually takes a lot for us to be out of alignment and create problems in our physical bodies. Trust and listen to your body. It know what you need and how to return to absolute alignment.

For the Platinum Club this month I interviewed Jennifer McClean. I was amazed that our interview concluded with a great process to help you communicate with your body. I thought I would include it so you can learn to work with your body. It is another tool in your tool box. To access the interview click here. Enjoy.


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