Releasing Fears and Attachments Exercise

Words, Words, Words
October 20, 2010
The Vortex Process
November 23, 2010

1. Place yourself in a quiet safe place that may be a power place for you.
2. Get into a comfortable position usually sitting on the ground or in a chair. In order to release any belief that no longer serves you make sure your hands are open and pointing upward, your legs are not crossed and your mouth and jaw relaxed.
3. Close your eyes and use your breath to quiet your mind. See the chatter that goes on in your mind pour out with each deep exhale. Breathe deeply in and out.
4. Place yourself in the perspective of the observer of your own life. Remember that the meditation you are doing is not about reliving or re-feeling any prior pain or emotion. It is about seeing your own energy dynamics and working with them from the outside.
5. Allow a symbol of the fear or attachment you experience to appear on your mind screen. This symbol is most likely a past event or a person with whom you had a traumatic encounter or relationship. Your worst fears and unhealthy attachments are usually from the past or the future. This is why living in the present gives you a balanced and healthy existence.
6. See the energy that is keeping that image alive. It is like silver cords that come from your navel and connect to the picture. The only thing that is keeping the vibration alive in your energy at this moment is you. Therefore you have the power to release it.
7. Reclaim your energy, that power that is rightfully yours, by separating the cords from the image and breathing the energy back into your navel with a deep inhale.
8. When you exhale deeply you will see the image drift off and fade away. Then you have released the traumatic vibration. Sometimes it takes a little practice and repetition if the situation was severe or if it has been reverberating in your energy field for a long time. However, you will feel the beneficial effect by repeating this exercise daily. A sense of lightness and freedom begin to enter into your consciousness.

(Sometimes even very positive experiences can drain our energy if we are constantly putting our intention and power there. Be mindful of your thoughts when your mind relaxes. For instance, when you are in the shower or driving in your car, you will probably have certain thoughts pop in your head, which guide you in knowing what you need to work on releasing. Just before you go to sleep is an excellent time to release any unhealthy attachments. This increases the likelihood of empowering dreaming and nourishing sleep.)


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