The Law of Attraction is not the only law!

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January 8, 2009
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February 12, 2009

Hi friends,

It’s really important to know that there isn’t just one law in the universe, there are other lawsthat exists.

How successful would you be at playing a game if you hadno idea what the rules were? If you were trying to arrive at a destination and you had no map, no directions, no compass and all the road signs were written in a foreign language? That’s actually kind of what I had to deal with when I moved to Montreal
because everything was written in French and I didn’t have a clue. I didn’t know how to go anywhere.

Obviously, living in a new area for me to get from point A to point B, I needed to go on Mapquest and figure out the directions and figure out how to get there because I would be constantly lost. Our lives are like that.

Our lives are like a game with rules, a journey with a destination, a house built with a plan, or even a cake that follows a recipe. There are universal laws that also must be learned, and not only learned, but applied. Its great to learn them, but the real movement, the real juice of it all and when you will actually see transformation, is when you really start applying the information. Of course, it is in the applying that you are actually moving energy and everything in the universe is energy.

You can have whatever it is you want, whether it is a new relationship, more money, a new job, even if it is something like freedom from anxiety and depression, or it is the amazing feeling of joy. what would it be like for you if you floated through the day and felt happy? Being happier than you have ever before? So if you want to feel more joy and if you want to feel better about yourself, if you want to feel good, whatever it is you can work with these laws and apply them in your life.

The thing is though, these laws exist whether you are aware of them or not and whether you choose to work with them and apply them or not. They are constant they are always there. There aren’t lucky and unlucky people; there are only deliberate and non-deliberate creators. A lot of times the non-deliberate creators just don’t know that they are non-deliberate creators because they are not aware that there is a lot out there.

The ignorance of these laws can be the reason that you experience debt, unfulfilling relationships, dissatisfaction at your job or ill health. It is really because of not knowing these laws that literally gets you to manifests things in your life by default.

Understanding the universal laws, you will now have the rules of the game, the directions to your destination, the plan to build your house, and of course the recipe to build your cake.

I just want to say that it is a learning process for you. It is like trying to go and play golf for the first time or trying to drive your car for the first time. Even starting a new job. Whatever you do for the first time, there is an awkwardness to it. There is a trial and error to it.

A lot of times we expect, when we are doing something new, we expect to be perfect at it the first time. You would never think about going into a pool to learn how to swim for the first time, and then expect yourself to be an Olympic swimmer. It is ridiculous.

You wouldn’t go on a golf course and expect yourself to play like Tiger Woods. Just be easy with yourself. It is a learning process.

So many people get very frustrated because they are like, “I want to become a millionaire,” and then a week or two goes by and they are not a millionaire yet. It’s ridiculous to think that. Even in school, you go into Kindergarten, first grade, second grade. You go through a process before you go to the graduation.

This is a process for you. Everybody is on their own path, everybody is on their own learning process, what they feel as far as what their limiting beliefs are, what their conditions, what their positive beliefs are. Everybody has their own process and their own stuff.

To compare yourself on anybody else’s path or to expect yourself to be perfect really is unrealistic. It’s going to set you up for failure. so through this whole learning process be kind with yourself.

There is another law called the Law of Reflection. the Law of Reflection says that everything outside in your reality is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of you. If you have a critical boss, where within you are you criticizing yourself? When you can really start incorporating this Law of Reflection and realizing that you are not a unlucky person, and that there is nothing wrong with you, the universe is just reflecting what is inside you. If there are things that are in your outer reality that you have drawn in and created, then you can understand them a little better and choose something different. You can choose a different way of creating them.

It’s really fun and I love being a deliberate creator because you get to take 100% responsibility of your life. It’s amazing thing because you literally can get into the flow and trust yourself and trust the universe and you’ve got to know about the Law of Attraction. It’s consistent. Whether you are applying it or decide to be aware of it. Whether you decide to be a deliberate creator or just by creating by default, it exists 100% of the time. It exists for everybody. It doesn’t matter who you are.

What you send out through your vibrations, it is coming back to you. The universe is always supporting you. It’s just the information that you are giving the universe to support you in. It’s important to know that.

In a nutshell to be simplified the Law of Attraction work like this: what you are sending out you are getting back.

Think about it this way. There is another law, and that is about the Law of Abundance and Sufficiency. The Law of Abundance and Sufficiency is basically this: the universe is abundant and that is the truth. That is the truth of the universe.

A lot of times people are experiencing an abundance of struggle, an abundance of pain, an abundance of frustration. They are experiencing abundance, but it’s not the good abundance that you want. The good thing is that what you are learning this information is you are really getting in touch and in tune with the real feeling and the good feeling of abundance. The abundance of love, the abundance of money, the abundance of time, the abundance of good feelings, and the abundance of success.

By focusing and getting yourself into a feeling place of abundance, the good abundance, you will then be attracting more of it to you. It’s really important to see how it’s not just one law. They all work together. They are all pieces of this puzzle.

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To your abundance!!!



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