The Law of Release

Law of Attraction and Abundance
July 18, 2009
Why is it so important to pay attention to your thoughts?
August 1, 2009

This month I want to share with you information on The Law of Release, and how this can lead to more abundance in your life. The Law of Release is applied when you let go of what you no longer want and need. You make way for the universe to bring the new and wanted into your life.

So how do you work with this law?

1. Clean out what you are no longer using or need. Clean out your closets, desk, car, or any place that has clutter. Clutter stops the flow of abundance in your life. If you have projects that you have been working on, do whatever it takes to complete them, because that will clean out your creative energy and make room for other projects.
2. Forgiveness is a huge way to release! Forgive all those who you feel have taken from you or hurt you in some way. Invest 10 minutes a day in forgiving. Say “I forgive and release (name of person) and wish them well and wish them away.” This means even forgiving yourself!
3. Eliminate useless expenditures. If you are spending money on things that does not move you towards your goals, stop spending the money. If you are spending money on things that you just throw out, stop spending that money. For example, if you purchase magazines each month and you don’t even read them, stop your subscription. If you go to the grocery store and buy fruit, but the fruit always goes bad, stop buying the fruit. Whatever you throw out is a useless expenditure.
4. Dump all poverty thoughts, words, beliefs and actions. Start thinking thoughts of what you want, why you want it, and how you will feel when you receive it. Become aware of what your limiting beliefs are and release them. Use a process like “Cancel, Stop, or Thank you for sharing” when your mind tells you lies of lack and limitation. Take responsibility for your own mind, mouth, and actions.
5. Eliminate drains and wastes. If you are in relationship with people that drain your energy, ask yourself why? If you engage in activities that drains all your energy, ask yourself why? Start eliminating those people and circumstances in your life and you will find you have more energy to create what you want and be in a state of peace.

I am a person that gives a lot of myself in many different aspects of my life. Since being pregnant, I am obviously giving much more energy to my growing baby and I have less tolerance for people, circumstances and situations that drain my energy. This experience has made me realize where I “waste” my energy, time and attention.

I urge you to take inventory of your life and pay attention to where you are energized by people, activities, and events. Spend more time doing those things that give you more energy, and spend less time doing those things that don’t. You will see a huge difference in the amount of energy that you have to create what you want. As a direct result, you will feel more alive, centered and at peace. It is law!


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