Throwing Away the Map

September 6, 2012
Magnetic Monday (Video), Weight Loss, and LOA
December 2, 2012

Do you know that you have a map of how you approach life? This map was taught to you when you were a small child. It is a combination of your mom’s map and your dad’s map of what life “should” be like. This map tells you how you “should” feel about education, how you “should” feel about being late or on time, how you approach work, how you achieve goals, what you think is possible, and where you “should” be at a certain age (married, children, single, no children, etc.). We took these maps, and then these maps became our own big map.

Many of us have been learning to throw out our maps from our childhood, and to develop our own adult maps. For the past fifteen years, I know I was developing my own map by learning the universal laws and many other spiritual truths, processes, and techniques to apply to those principles.

I came to learn that I had a map this past year when one of my biggest goals to become a New York Times bestselling author happened the first week of February 2012. My own personal map said that in order to finally get the approval and acceptance of mom, ACHIEVE!!!! So I did just that. Funny thing was that once I accomplished that goal, I was left with a very empty feeling inside. I had accomplished all I set out to do . . . now what?

With months and months of coaching with my depth mentor, Karen, and going super deep on many issues, I learned that I needed to throw out my map of what I “should” do, or what I need to accomplish. This idea of FULLY surrendering to my Divine was a hard one for me. And when I say this, I don’t mean to not intend for what you want. It is important to intend for what you want, and to feel the emotions and vibrations of how it will feel to receive what you want. When I say throw out the map, I mean that you don’t need to know the road that takes you there.

I have said for years that because of the Law of Detachment, we need to release the how, where, when, who, etc. All of that is being directed by the fairies of the Universe. Each lesson is an opportunity to go deeper. As I have been practicing this in my life, my parents came to town for a visit.

I had organized a special evening with just my mom and my dad at a great restaurant in Montreal called Queue de Cheval. It is where I took Frederic for his birthday a few months back. We had the babysitter all set to take care of Alex and Maxim and we were off for the night. We got on the road to go and pick up my mom and dad at their beautiful hotel, but we couldn’t get to them because the traffic had stopped. When I say stopped, I mean there were people that were outside of their cars on the freeway talking to each other because they had been stopped for so long. Since we live on an island outside of Montreal, this was one of the only ways to get to the restaurant and it was clear we were not going anywhere. If we had tried to even attempt to continue this way, it would have taken us hours. So we threw out the map. Frederic found another road to get to my parents’ hotel. We went down a road that was right on the lake, and we saw the most beautiful views and homes. This was quite a treat! We then got to the parking lot, and we were thinking about where to go when my mom suggested staying at the hotel and having dinner there.

We had the most amazing night. The food was great. The view of the lake with sparkling lights was amazing. And the company was even better. We were five minutes away from the house, so we did not have to drive too far to get home. After we had dinner, they had a live band playing in the bar area. My mom and dad, and Frederic and myself, all got to have a few dances. One of my most precious memories of my parents is watching them dance together. It was really a very lovely night. One that I will remember forever.

Even though I had planned a great night at a great restaurant, the Universe had a different plan. I could have fought against that plan because, gosh darn it, I had a plan. Instead, we decided to surrender and flow with the Universe, and it turned out better than we expected. It usually does when we allow. smiley Throwing Away the Map


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