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June 16, 2010
August 19, 2010

Trust is a difficult word to define and an even more difficult concept to experience. We are told to trust. That is sometimes easier said then done. We get that it is important to do. Trusting yourself first is the key to trust. Trust affects our relationship with ourselves, and how we feel about ourselves. It affects our relationships with others and how we feel about them. And it affects our relationship with the universe and how safe we feel.

So what is trust and how do you do it? Trust is opening your heart, believing in yourself and in the abundance of the universe. It is knowing that the universe is loving, friendly and supports your higher good. Trust is knowing that you are part of the process of creating, and believing in your ability to draw to you want you want.

Trust is a deliberate and delicate balance between hope, belief and reliance. Let’s look at all three aspects:

Hope is an expression of an abundant presence alive with possibility and potential. Hope is when you can look at any circumstance, situation, and person and see the all the potential that is there. It is an important power to work with and the first step in trusting.

Belief is the second aspect and is an attitude based upon an opinion held with conviction. This is very misunderstood. Belief actually precedes experience, not the other way around. In fact, you create a belief, an opinion that you come by that you hold with conviction, and out of that you experience your reality. In other words, we create our experiences based on our beliefs. If you look at your reality closely, and you really took it apart, you will see that the belief came first. Beliefs are not real. Beliefs are not fact; they are only opinions. These are opinions that you hold tight. Beliefs are then reinforced by looking at the current reality, and seeing the evidence of what has manifested. What if you started to believe something different? Believe in something even when the outer world seems to reflect something different. It is easy to feel thin when you are. It is easy to feel rich when you are. Sitting around and believing and hoping is not enough. You must demonstrate trust by listening to your inner guidance and taking action.

The last part of trust is reliance. Reliance is taking action and acting from a foundation of hope and belief. Trust comprised of the three needs action.

Trust is a delicate balance between the three. You are constantly taking action on your unique beliefs and your special quality of hope.

It is Important to understand that it is not about how do I trust myself, others and the universe, but how can I trust better? You know how to trust! But the key is to learn how to do it better. Where are you faulty? Is it your level of hope, belief or the reliance of hope or belief?

You always trust yourself to some degree, you just need to learn how to do it better. When you apply trust where it ought to be applied, regardless if the outcome is positive or negative, you will come away greater sense of trust. When you apply trust where it does not belong, you will come away with no greater sense of trust.

What are the components of trust?:

  1. Must be a beneficial and/or harmful result that is possible. It could go good or it could go badly. If you were going to get a new job, there is a benefit in attracting a new job, and a harm if you don’t. If you get the new job, you will have the money or the creative expression (the benefit). If you don’t you could worry about money and not be able to pay the bills (the harm).
  2. The result depends upon the future. If you get a new job or you don’t it affects your future experience.
  3. The harm must be potentially more harmful then the benefit is beneficial. If you were not to get a new job you could find yourself deeper in debt or starting to go into debt, because you don’t have the money flowing in. That is much more harmful then feeling the creative expression and having the money to actually pay the bills.
  4. You honestly expect the benefit to occur. (hope, belief, reliance)

All four must be presence in order to apply the issue of trust. If they are present and you have hope, belief, and reliance you will have a greater sense of trust.

It is important to remember that we don’t live in a simple universe. We live in a complex universe, where we are also complex. The idea and concept of trust is not simple. It too is complex. What do I mean by that?

There are many aspects of trusting yourself, another, or the universe. If someone was to say to you, do you trust your partner? That is a big question, because there are so many aspects of your relationship. For example, you may trust that your husband or wife is fantastic with the kids, but maybe they are not good at completing the household chores, or paying the bills. You totally trust that person that your kids will be safe, but that he/she will pay the bills on time, is another story. So to say “I trust my husband/wife” is very general. We need to look at the places we do trust and the places we don’t trust so we can improve that relationship. Maybe you trust that the universe does know what is best for you, but you don’t trust that the universe will actually bring you what you have asked for. To say “I trust the universe” again is a very broad statement and does not serve you in your growth and development. Where do you trust and where don’t you trust?

Here is an example of trusting myself, and what I had to do to increase my trust. I trusted that I was amazing at magnetizing money to myself. I would attract large sums of money, but then spend it even faster then it came in. I would even spend more then I would attract. I would find myself in debt so many times, because of this pattern. So, to say I trusted myself with money, was false. I always felt powerless to money and my financial situation. I trusted the fact I could attract it, but not save it or maintain it. I had to look deeper at the issues in my life and this was one of them. When I clearly saw that I could not trust myself with spending money, I took action to make sure that I changed that. That is the reliance part of the aspects of trust. I started budgeting my money and had someone keep me accountable for that budget. Once I started that process, I could start to see that I could keep my money and I started trusting myself. I then got out of debt easily and effortlessly and starting saving and investing money. I know completely trust myself with money and my financial situation. If I was just to say “Oh, I don’t trust myself with money.” That would leave me feeling powerless and when you feel that, there is not much you can do to change your vibrational set point and therefore your outer circumstances.

So look deeper at the subjects in your life. Examine where you do trust and where don’t you trust. And the places you don’t trust, what can you do to increase that level? Do you need a new sense of hope? Do you need to change or shift a belief? And finally, how can you display reliance by taking action towards that new level of trust?

Trust is the link between the mental world and the physical world. It provides continuity during the time that elapses between conception of an idea and its manifestation. Realize that your dreams are already real on the mental plane; they are just awaiting the perfect time to appear in your physical reality. Trust your higher self to bring you the right things at the right time.

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