What do you allow to take you away from your power?

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April 10, 2010
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June 16, 2010

What do you allow to take you away from your power?

You know each one of us is connected to our well-being and joy. We all have access to that power and connection to God/Goddess/All-That-Is. I know for myself, when I am in alignment with that higher me, I am so happy and joyful. Things manifest in my life with ease and elegance. I am so free and my days just flow beautifully.

But there are things that have the potential of taking me away from that empowered and joyful space. Sometimes I allow people, or a mindset, or even a circumstance, take me away from that joy. But ultimately it is up to me to allow or disallow my power. It is up to me to decided, and determine where I am giving my power away.

So what allows you to be taken from your power? Is it your work? Do you go to work feeling happy and then one encounter with a co-worker or your boss knocks you off? Or maybe you are looking for work, and can’t seem to find the job you are looking for? Maybe it is your relationship with money? You feel fine and then an unexpected bill comes in?

What about the people in your life? Do you come home from a good day of work and then your partner comes home and you find yourself in a crabby mood? Or maybe it is your children, parents, or even the in-laws? (Don’t you sometimes wish they could give you a warning ahead of time?)

Is it your friends? Are they not behaving in the way you want them to?

In all of these situations or circumstances, we have the power to choose. We can either be taken off course by giving our attention to what others are doing, and therefore lose our own footing, or we can continue to choose to be empowered regardless of what is happening in our lives.


There are two powerful processes that I use all the time in my own life. First, find your connection to your well-being. I usually do this by meditating, or just taking time to connect with the feeling of joy. It is always there and available to us regardless of what is going on outside of us. If you have ever felt joy before, that emotion is always available to you. Connect with that joy and then imagine the person, circumstance or energy in front of you. Practice staying neutral to this “thing” that takes you away your power. When you can imagine this “thing” in front of you, and continue to focus on your own energy and power, the energy of the other “thing” transforms. When you observe things in your life as just energy, rather than the form, or your reaction to the form, or even your thoughts or judgments about them, you are in a place of being able to transform the unwanted energy. You can work with relationship issues, abundance issues, or anything that is taking your joy away by working with energy. We will be doing this in an amazing process at the Goddess Weekend in July. To sign up click here

The second process that I use that is so effective is the 4 Steps to Change. These four steps are important to learn and implement, because it allows you to take your power back and step into being that deliberate creator.

  1. RECOGNIZE: Identify what the situation is and how it takes you away from that joyful being that is your true nature. Describe the entire situation or circumstance that surrounds you feeling less than joyful. The minute you become aware and can recognize that you are out of the state of well-being, you have the power to change. Be real and honest so that you can clearly look at it, so you can change it. Not just this one time, but forever.
  2. ACKOWLEDGE: Part A: Who is responsible for creating this? Okay, if you have been working with the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation, I hope you said, “I did”. You create everything in your reality, wanted or unwanted, no exceptions. Instead of judging yourself and beating yourself up for this situation, which is never productive or useful, let’s figure out WHY so we can change it for the future. Part B: Why did you create this? What would you have to believe to create this type of situation in your life? Write out a list of ten reasons that you would have created this. Don’t censor it. Just allow your consciousness to flow from the pen onto the paper. Then go back and read each one and ask yourself, “Is this true? Does this resonate as truth to me.” You may have a few reasons why you would have created it. But now you are aware and you can do something to change it.
  3. FORGIVE: Instead of beating yourself up for the reason, or the limiting belief that you just discovered, forgive yourself. Truly love yourself enough to forgive so that you are bringing a different energy to yourself and to the situation. Forgiveness is so healing. Once you do this step then you can go onto the final step.
  4. CHANGE: How do you want to feel? What do you want to create? What do you want to believe? Then take a moment to step into the vibration of that new energy. If you want to feel powerful in your life, step into that feeling of being powerful. Even if you have to make it up, shift the energy so it feels better to you. This is where you can use different techniques and processes such as EFT. Remember everything in your outer reality is a direct reflection of your inner reality. If you want the outer to change, you need to shift from the inside. This means moving, shifting and changing your energy. From that change the energy of like frequencies will be attracted into your life.

You have the power to make these changes and to become neutral to the things that take you away from that power. Start with the small things that are not as energetically charged. Once you develop the skill with the smaller things then move onto the things that are a deeper issue for you, or have more of an energetic charge to them. This will help you have more confidence in your ability to shift the energy, and create your life the way you desire.


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