Come enjoy a weekend away with your partner…

I am a huge believer in feeding your relationships.

Each relationship we have needs our love, attention, time, and focus.

Our relationships are living, breathing entities.

Especially our intimate relationships.

If you have been in an intimate relationship for a long period of time, you understand that even if both people have the best intentions, contrast shows up and it can leave scars on the couple.

What if you could easily release the resistance from the past and with strong intention and positive action create the dream relationship that you want?

You can!

And your relationship doesn’t have to be bad to make it even better.

If creating a deeper connection with your life partner is a priority for you in 2019, then Frederic and myself invite you to come spend the weekend with us at the gorgeous Scottsdale Resort on Feb 8-10.

You can click on the video below to hear more about the event.

CLICK HERE To Sign Up For The Couple’s Retreat Or For More Details

We will be only 10 couples, so it is intimate, and you will have special time with your partner to re-connect, push a re-set button on your relationship, and create a collective vision for your future.

You will learn and apply:

  • How to untangle from The Drama Triangle.
  • Create language of love and power.
  • The 7 areas that most couples don’t discuss and need to create intentionally in order to have a loving, conscious relationship.
  • Transformational rituals and other energetic shifting processes with The Council of Light.

  • The room we will be in for part of the program is called The Council. Which is so perfect, since I channel The Council of Light.

    The food and accommodations are included for you and your partner. As well as the ceremonies, special dinner, and all activities.

    The last day to register is January 9th, or before it fills up. We do have a couple available registrations.

    You and your partner will have a pre-retreat call with Frederic and myself as well as a post-retreat call a couple of weeks after the event.

    To register email

    We hope you see you there!

    Christy & Frederic

    P.S. If you have any questions about the weekend, please email