In this episode Christy and Rob discuss:

  • What happens when you cut corners 
  • The cycle of positive feedback 
  • What it means to give your best 

Key Takeaways: 

  • When you decide to do things half as good as the way you usually do, then you’ll be shutting your energy systems off. You won’t be fully present with the life force in us – the life force that wants us to succeed when you cut corners. 
  • Always give your best. The more you do, the more you can see results and the more confidence you’ll have. If you cut corners, you’re not going to get that positive feedback. 
  • Your best doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be your best. When you’re tired, ask yourself, “in this space of being tired, what is my best?” 


“If you want more success, you want more love, you want more freedom, you want more joy, one of the things you need to do is always, always, always do your best.” – Christy Whitman

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