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Feeling Sensitive to the Energy Around You?

Wouldn’t it be great to be immune to other people’s judgments, disapproval, and negative energy? It’s not only possible to protect yourself from those who seek to drain or down your energy. With a little awareness and attention, you can become an actual energy master.

Here are 8 principles you can apply to take charge of your energy field – regardless of what’s going on around you.

Energy Mastery Principle #1: You are a vibrational being.

Yes, you have physical senses which enable you to perceive the world. But you were also born with an all-important, all-powerful sixth sense. Some call it intuition or a gut feeling. Whatever name you give it, you have a highly sensitive vibrational sensor that is fully capable of guiding you.

Your sixth sense is like an internal GPS that allows you to receive – and, with practice, to navigate – the energy of others. But just because you’re capable of perceiving energy doesn’t mean it’s a great idea to open yourself to all of it! And this brings us to principle #2.

Energy Mastery Principle #2: You perceive only those energies you are attuned to.

Thanks to the discoveries of quantum physics, we now understand that the universe is made up of a sea of swirling energy.

Think of these energies like the radio signals that fill our airways. Our thoughts generate energy, as do our perceptions, conclusions, attitudes, and beliefs. If you doubt this, just remember a time when you walked into a room where people had been fighting. You picked up on the hostile vibes, right?

An entire range of vibrations, from the most expansive feelings of empowerment to the most oppressive desperation is available to all of us at all times. But we only have access to the ones that are already in our range.

Energy Mastery Principle #3: You have the power to attune your energy on purpose.

Most people don’t know this. They don’t know that where and how they direct their attention determines what they experience. And so, they go through life interacting with other people’s energies and reacting to them. And they don’t even know this is what’s happening.

When we think our moods are the result of happenstance, but they never are. Our personal vibration rises or falls based on what we give our attention to.

So, what about other people’s negative energy? Can it really affect us? The answer is yes and no.

Energy Mastery Principle #4: Resonant vibrations always intersect.

So, was it just your imagination that you felt drained after that conversation with your sister-in-law? Or that you felt generally worse for wear after running into that friend you dread? Definitely not. Your energy can easily be affected by the energy of those around you. To immunize yourself from negative energy, you need to understand how this is so, and what to do about it.

Energy Mastery Principle #5: Energy can only be attracted; never asserted.

While it doesn’t always feel this way, the truth is that no one can assert their bad energy into your experience. If your vibration takes a nosedive after being around someone, it’s because you allowed their energy to affect you. At some level, you offered your agreement with their point of view and in so doing, harmonize with their bad mood.

Maybe you allowed yourself to vent over the same issue they were complaining about. Or you might have sympathized with their plight. It could be that you genuinely love and care about this person, and find it hard to be happy when they’re not.

All understandable. And all unnecessary! We may think the way to help someone in need is by going down to their level of lending them a hand, but it never is. Which brings us to the next important energy mastery principle.

Energy Mastery Principle #6: You can’t lead from behind.

If you want to uplift another, you must be in an uplifted mindset. It’s as simple as that!

Think about it. Would you ask someone with no money for a personal loan? Or ask someone on crutches to help you move a piece of heavy furniture? Of course not. You realize that only when we’re in a position of strength and stability can we help another. And the same is true in our personal relationships. Men & Women Who Abide By These 7 ‘Laws’ Have The Healthiest Relationships

You can’t help someone unhappy to feel better by joining them in their unhappiness. You won’t help someone become more prosperous by joining them in their poverty. The only way you can help another is by holding your own. And this is the key to becoming immune to negative energies of all kinds.

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. To watch a free webinar on the principles of energy mastery, please visit  


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