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If you aren’t moving swiftly, easily, and joyously toward your goals and dreams, it means only one thing: You are in need of spiritual cleansing. But to understand what this term means, we have to begin with a deeper understanding of the universe at large.

The Energy of Your Desire

Science now acknowledges that energy – not matter – is the basis of the world in which we live. At the most microscopic levels, all matter can be seen as protons and electrons. And these microscopic particles are made up mostly of empty space. It is only our attention that assembles the energy of the universe into what looks like a solid form.

Everything is energy, and all energy moves at a particular speed or frequency. This includes the energy of your desires, and it also includes the energy of your beliefs. When your desires and beliefs are vibrating at the same rate of speed, you are in a state of spiritual harmony. You move effortlessly through your life, and your dreams unfold in ways that surprise and delight.

When the energy of your desire is in vibrational contradiction with your beliefs, you are fighting against yourself. You want your dreams to manifest, but you hold them back by noticing that they haven’t already. Or you hold them back by believing that what you want is outside of your power to create. Your state of internal opposition keeps you from moving forward with grace and ease.

A spiritual cleansing requires nothing more than realigning the energy of your beliefs back into harmony with your desires. It’s simply the process of releasing the thoughts, beliefs, and chronic feeling states that don’t serve you. Once these obstructions are cleared, the experiences you desire will flow into your life easily.

What Blocks Our Receptivity

Imagine a beautiful crystal drinking glass that is filled to the brim with sand. The glass is perfectly capable of holding the water your body needs, but first, you have to empty it. In the same way, to receive something new, we first have to let go of the old.

Many people approach their dreams and goals in a very different fashion. They don’t view manifestation as a natural process that unfolds once we release our resistance to what we desire. Instead, they view the attainment of their desires as something that requires hard work and struggle.

Self-help books often compound this problem, because when we keep applying effort, we increase the misalignment that is within us. We add more sand to the glass, further blocking our ability to receive what we’ve asked for.

Is there an aspect of your life in which you feel more tension than ease or more frustration than joy? If so, you can be certain you have split energy, and a spiritual will help you to reestablish your balance.

Use the following 3 step process to bring about a spiritual cleansing on any subject you feel stalled out on:

1. Acknowledge that you live in an energetic and vibrationally-based universe.

Everything about you is more energy than matter. Your dreams and desires are moving at a particular rate of vibration. If they are not coming into fruition, it means only one thing. You are offering another energy that is opposing them.

Energy never stops moving. It either flows in the direction of the outcomes we want, or it flows in the opposite direction. It is only our internal conflict that ever holds us apart from anything we desire. The first step in your spiritual cleansing is to acknowledge yourself as the powerful creator you are.

You are like a living, breathing radio tower, constantly transmitting and receiving energy. The life experiences that you draw to yourself are always in harmony with the frequency you are sending out.

2. Be honest with yourself about the sand that’s currently filling your container.

If your dreams and desires are not flowing easily into your experience, it’s because you are blocking yourself from receiving them, either consciously or unconsciously. The “sand” that is preventing your easy reception is made up of the thoughts, beliefs, moods, conclusions and expectations that oppose what you desire.

Take out a clean piece of paper, then close your eyes and ask yourself:

  • What beliefs do I hold about this aspect of my life? Do I believe that accomplishing my goals will be easy or difficult? Do I feel worthy or unworthy of having what I want?
  • What is my chronic mood or emotional state in this area of my life? Do I more frequently feel joyful, appreciative and eager, or resentful, disappointed or fearful?

Once you acknowledge the energies that are blocking the flow of your desires, you can release them with greater precision.

3. Acknowledge the energetic nature of what’s been blocking you.

Everything you wrote down on your list – and every bad-feeling emotion that is present within you – exists for one reason only: You have been placing more of your attention on what is lacking than on what you desire. By consciously reaching for the feeling of your dream, you can gradually shift this balance.

What would it be like to be living your dream as a day-to-day reality?
What would be your dominant mood or emotional state?
In what different ways would you view the world?
How would you feel about yourself?

Allow yourself to bask in the answers to these questions and to imagine them fully! By doing so, you are invoking pure energy within you that harmonic energies will be drawn to.

The spiritual cleansing you are looking for doesn’t happen all at once, but moment by moment. As you deliberately guide your thoughts, feelings, moods, and beliefs into harmony with your dream, you become irresistible.

There is no gap in distance between you and your desire. There is not even a gap in time. There is only a gap in your energy. Bridge that gap and all that you desire will come rushing in.

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. To watch a free webinar on the principles of energy mastery, please visit www.quantumenergymastery.com.

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