CCC 19 | How To Attract Money


No one can deny that most people on earth love money and live for money. Frederic Gobeil and Christy Whitman dive deeper into our relationship with money, how we can attract it, and what we can do with it after. Creating a program called the Creating Money Course, Christy taps into the human and spiritual laws and principles surrounding money that relates to energy. Together, they also share how they work with their finances as a couple and how changing the word “budget” to “allocation” brings less limiting energy. Apply these concepts in your own life and learn to expand your wealth a logical way.

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How To Attract Money With Good Energy

We are talking about money because every single human being has to relate, spend, earn, deal with this thing called money. Someone long ago before all of us were born decided that we were going to have this currency of exchange called money. Yet it is the biggest single problem that I see when I coach people as far as feeling victimized that they can’t track, they’re powerless to do it, they feel very powerless with money. When you have and integrate that into a relationship. It’s one of the things that you have to do with not only as an individual, but in a couple because there are things you have to pay for. There’s the mortgage, the rent, the car payments, the food, the utility bills, the cable, whatever it is. 

It’s called responsibilities. All the responsibilities that we need to take in order to pay and to live where we do live. 

I think all of us would agree that it might be a really good idea. Money iimportant and if you think money is not important, you’re just in denial because if you want to eat, you need money. If you want to go on a trip, you need money. If you want to send your kids to a good school, if you don’t want to send them to the public, you need money. If you want to go to a concert and have a fun experience, you need money. When you go to a spa and get a massage, you need money.

It’s a good idea to be friendly and to create a better, appreciative, grateful relationship with money no matter what you have right now. 

What we want to talk about is that there are two different aspects to not only being a human being. 

When you think of the Law of Polarity, there is the inner being that you have, the metaphysical side of you and then there’s also the physical side of you. It’s both and you’re not one or the other and money is the exact same way. You have the energy of money. I always like to say that money is green energy. You have the money of energy and then you have the physical thing. We’re going to talk about how there are both human laws of money and the spiritual laws of money.

The human laws of money, I’m not one to come to for an expert. I know the lane that I’m in and my lane is spiritual money. What I mean by that, spiritual money, it even says in the Bible is the love of money. That’s the root of all evil. That’s so misunderstood. What that means is when you put money above God, when you put money above the divine, when you make money your focusyour motivation and your reason for doing all that, that’s the sin.  

When you do things out of service, you allow the money to come and you don’t resist it, you are abundant because our divine plan and design is to be abundant and financial abundance is part of that. When you align yourself and you work with the spiritual laws of money, learning how to magnetize, how to attract it to you, how to feel yourself being open to it and accepting to it, I am the master at helping people do that in their lives. 

As a matter of fact, I’ve created a program called Creating Money course. It’s on my website and it’s creating money. That teaches you all different things because there are really only four things that you can do with moneyearn it, spend it, give it and invest it. That is encompassing both laws. There’s the spiritual law of attracting it over, earning it, then there’s the giving of it. What do you do in that energy of the receiver and then the giver? 

Your relationship with money is always an ebb and flow. 

You can increase the flow and decrease the ebb. There are ways of doing that in playing with energy and money. There’s the other aspect of it, which is the human laws of money. It’s what you do. 

Once you have attracted the money, what do you do with it? Once you have it, do you invest it? Do you put in a bank account? Do you spend it? What do you do with it? Do you go buy real estate? 

There are laws of money as far as human laws of how to increase it, how to make your money grow.

You initially first have to attract it. You have to bring it in. If you don’t have any money to bring in, then there’s no use in talking about the human laws because you don’t need the savings account, you don’t need the investment account, you don’t need a retirement account. You don’t have any of it. 

The thing is once you attract it, then what do you do with it? How do you make your money work and how do you make your money grow? 

CCC 19 | How To Attract Money

How To Attract Money: When you put energy out, you can then attract money.


In a couple, it’s also now another question. How do you go about within the couple in order to communicate with each other and come to an understanding of what will work for the couple? Now you’re building an entity, which is the couple, but you still have two people inside the couple that is working or not? It could be also one person, but it’s for the couple. 

How do we step into that area where sometimes it’s not easy to talk about the situation of money, your situation? Who pays the billWho pays which bill? How often do we pay these bills? What money do we put aside? What are the percentages of investment that each of us wants to do? What are the amounts that we want to spend in order to go on vacation? All of these have to be ironed out. 

What we always recommend to people is that you have mine, his and ours or mine, hers and ours.

He’s got his money. He has got his account so that when he wants to go golfing or wants to go buy a shirt or a new golf shoes or whatever it is that he wants to do, he has the money and he feels like he has the freedom.

He doesn’t have to come to me and say, Can I take this money out of our account or take the money out of our account? That’s meant to pay for the things that we need to pay every month.

I have mine, so I get to go and buy a pair of shoes if I want to buy a pair of shoes or go to the spa or whatever. 

We have our money. We have investment accounts and everything too, but we have our money on a daily, monthly basis. We put the money in there that’s going to take care of all the things that are going to be taken care of, whether it’s the mortgage or even money for grocery shopping, for things for the kids if soccer is coming up, whatever it is.  

All of that is ours so that he feels he has the freedom with money in his own account and to make the choices and have those options on his own and then I do too. We’re not blended and someone’s taking too much out and someone’s spending too much money and then it becomes a source of frustration or resentment in there.

It’s setting yourself up to win and really talking in your couple about what is working and what’s not working. Be able to look at what’s not working in a very calm way and say, “What are our options? What would feel good? 

I like to say that I take care of the spiritual side of the money. I could bring in money all day every day. I am good at attracting money and creating, and that’s what I teach because I love it. I love the fact that when you put energy out, you can then attract money and there are tools and things 

That’s why I created the Creating Money program. 

He’s amazing with investments and knowing where to put our money. He’s the guy that takes care of all the bills. It’s like the money goes in and it’s our joint checking account, but everything goes through him. He’s the budgeter of our family.

I don’t like the B word.  As a matter of fact, years ago I remember we were getting ready to take a trip and he’s like, “What do we want to budget for this trip? I’m like, “You just took the juice out of it. I don’t want to have to sit there and worry about, “We can’t spend more than a hundred dollars on this meal. I just want to go on vacation and enjoy myself. He’s like, “Yeah, but the other side of it is that you can’t be like, ‘We’re going to spend whatever. We need to have a certain amount.

We decided to change the word budget because that felt nasty and naughty for me. It felt like lack. It’s limiting. It’s a budget. We’ve now changed that word to allocate. For me the word allocate, that makes sense.  

We’re taking this amount. We’re going to use this allocation for our vacation. It’s not like, “We’re there. We can’t spend any more money. We have a roundabout idea, say it’s $5,000 this as an example, as a random number. If we go over, we find something, we spend $500 or $1,000 more, we’ll talk about it before we either do the thing or make the purchase, but it’s like were around that area. Is it worth it? Do we want to?

We’ll discuss it, but we have an idea about what we want to spend. It isn’t like, “We’re on our fifth day and we’ve already gone through all the allocations. We have one more day so it’s tomorrow when I can eat or when tomorrow we have to eat at McDonald’s or something like that. We discuss these things and we’re able to be flexible with them. In the beginning, we just create this allocation of what we want so it does feel like there are boundaries. I’m not going, “Let’s go to a jewelry store and buy jewelry or buy a bunch of Turkish rugs or some of those kinds of things. 

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This is a source of conflict. It’s money in a lot of relationships. It’s my thing. It’s what I do. To bring money is important to me. That’s where we identify ourselves. That’s our value. That’s how much we get paid is the value that we have. Often, it’s the value that we’re perceived to be instead of you don’t need to bring money in to know that you have value. You have value no matter what. Anyways, what’s important here is that conversation about money needs to be also done with timing. 

I remember that certain points sometime when I come to her and I talk to her about bills, and she’s in the middle of doing something, it’s not the right time for me to talk about how we are going to pay a bill. That’s why we’ve done it in that way where we now have an account together that manages all these bills so that the timing of it, and we don’t need to go back and forth and say, God knows we’ve got plenty of bills every day that we need to pay. These bills are taken care of now. We don’t need to sit down with each other and say, How are we going to go about with this bill? The term in that prior or in the beginning, how do we want to pay the bills? We want to pay the complete amounts for her that was something that was important. For me, I grew up where it was okay to pay half the bill or threequarters of the bill. 

grew up like that. It was okay not to pay the whole bill. Now, it’s like no, it’s not. I’ve got to pay the entire bill and on time as well. Those are the priorities that we discussed together. What were the preferences, her preferences, my preferences and we came together in a time that would be good for both of us to communicate properly together? Not a fiveminute thing, quickly, “How do we do with this?” in a stressful way. We need to sit down together in a timely fashion and organize the money situation. What are the preferences? How are we going to set up to have a vacation this year? Where do we want to go? Talk about that. What’s the place that we want to go for our next vacation? 

You said we’re going to go to Bali. I was like, “That’s cool. Do we want to discuss this? He’s mapping out, We’re going to go to Bali and then we’re going to go to the Great Barrier Reef. I’m like, “When? He’s like, I don’t know.” He’s just dreaming. I’m not going to go, “I don’t want to go to Bali. I want to go here instead.” I was like, “Cool, we’re going to Bali. 

It always starts with a dream. 

CCC 19 | How To Attract Money

How To Attract Money: Everything is energy first before the manifestation of anything.


It always starts with an idea.

It always starts with an energy, an idea, a dream, like what you’re saying. If he’s really serious, he’s feeling called and drawn to go to Bali, then it’s like, “Let’s sit down and look at when do we want to do that? What are the airline tickets? 

If I want to go on a vacation, I want to go fivestar. What’s the allocation going to be for that? It’s a discussion and we look at these and then it’s like, “Let’s start building out this amount so we’re putting that aside for this particular vacation in our joint account so that money is there. It’s set aside.  

For you and your relationship, you might have a beautiful relationship with money, with your partner, and don’t have any issues and that’s awesome. We’d love to hear. Leave us a comment at the end of this article.

What do you do that works in your relationship? For others of you, it’s a conversation of sitting down without emotion, letting all the emotions go. We’ve given lots of processes and techniques on how to release the emotions of things, the resentments, all that kind of stuff. Sit down and say, “This is what the contrast is. This is what’s not working. What are the solutions? What could work? We’ve come to a place like Frederic was saying instead of every week, coming to me or trying to figure out what the bill is, he now has budgeted, allocated and looked at every single expense that comes in for our household, for our family.  

We have a good number. We pretty much hit that number every single month. At certain times, two times of the month, we’ll put the money in there so all those bills are taken care of and it just makes it easier for both of us. Neither one of us worries if the money is in there or are the bills going to be paid. It’s something that’s done and do it like clockwork. It works for us now. There’s no discussion of who’s responsible for what. 

The other thing I wanted to share is that not all people have the same skills. Frederic is really very logical, very methodical, thinks in numbers, likes to budget things. He likes to do that. I don’t. 

I’ll take the time to calculate. When we bought our house for example, I was the one looking at mortgage costs, taxes, what are the payments for all the electricity bills. She doesn’t want to do thatWhat’s the HOA fee? I was looking at all of these expenses before we buy the house because these are the ongoing expenses. You want to make sure that you’re able to pay your mortgage and the ongoing expenses, not just the taxes too but insurance costs as well. 

It was pretty. Let’s get it. I’ll attract the money. I’ll bring in the money and then you worry about where it goes. That’s always how it’s worked in our relationship. I don’t want to be bothered. I don’t even know what the HOA fee is. I want to just enjoy my beautiful home. I’ll attract the money, bring it in and he’ll allocate it to wherever it needs to go. That works for us. 

If you’re one person in your relationship where you feel like you’re more in the discussion of how to bring it in and the energy of how to expand the wealth, how to expand the money, take my Creating Money course. It’s fantastic. It’s based on the spiritual principles of the seven essential laws. 

If you’re wanting to learn more about how to get into finances, how to invest your money, all that kind of stuff, buy Tony Robbins book on money. There are tons of great books on money, budgeting and all those other kinds of things. I don’t talk about that. We don’t talk about that. You could talk about the training that you’ve had, but that’s not what this show is about. It’s really finding out where are the missing holes, where are the links that are not filling in the whole story so that you have a healthy, robust relationship with this third entity called money.

Everything is energy. You’ve got this relationship and if you’re allowing money to chord you and pull you off your power or you both or one of you feel powerless to money, it will affect your relationship. 

The steps are look at the differences and the skillsets that you have in your relationship. What are you each individually bringing to the table? How can you both contribute to not only managing the money but really being able to expand your wealth so that you’re enjoying your life but building your fortune, building your retirement, building when you are wanting to just retire? To allow yourself to have what you need so that both of you are coming to the table? 

One might do the investing while the other might do the energy work to bring it in or you might both do that. The second thing is look at where your limiting beliefs are. What do you say about yourself? I’m not good with money. I don’t know how to budget. I hate the word budget. 

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Could you change the word to allocate? Where are the places where you have constriction or restriction in your thought process with money? 

Believe it or not, that stops the flow of money. Really allow yourself to feel what it feels like to how abundance financially to have the amount of money, know the amount of money you want in your account and feel as if you have it. Go to bed each night with that feeling state of having all that you need, feeling more than satisfied.

Remember that with Law of Sufficiency and Abundance, being satisfied is the doorway into abundance. At least feel the satisfaction, gratitude, the appreciation for what you do have and go to bed each night. Both of you in the couple feeling so appreciative for what you have and that you have everything you need to afford, what it is that you want in your life and be able to feel that feeling. That will reprogram your entire subconscious mind to create what it is that you want. 

One thing that we both do is feeling thankful for living in the area, the city, the state and the country that we live in. We are so grateful every morning that I wake up, I wake up in the beaming sun of Arizona. For me, this is heaven where I’m at. I’m so appreciative of living where I’m living and I‘m grateful every single day of my life to be able to do that. Create as less tension because we know that money can bring tension especially into the couple. Create that atmosphere in the environment where you’re able to deal where is it that you see a little bit of tension and how can you deal with that and focus on a way to discover how to improve and lessen the tension. 

Look for the positive aspects. Look for ways you could be grateful and appreciative because that’s going to open you up to more. Remember to think of money as little cartoon characters. The money comes where it’s welcomed and where it’s appreciated and when you start being negative about it, it runs away. Money is either attracted or repelled by our energy. When we are appreciative of it, when we are grateful of what we have, we track more. It’s like little things coming to us, more of that coming to us. When we’re not, when we’re in lack, we scatter. The money just runs right away. It really is coming first. Everything is energy and everything is energy first before the manifestation of anything. I hope this conversation has been helpful and we appreciate you reading. If you need any help at all, in any aspect of your relationship, you can go to or you can go to We have lots of different offers and lots of different ways to serve you personally, through digital or however that looks like for you, whatever we can do to support you. 


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