So excited I got to talk about the Desire Factor with Gloria Grace Rand on her Live. Love. Engage. Podcast recently! We discussed…

  • What is an Energy Master?
  • Why is it important to gain mastery of your energies?
  • Influencing your own perceptions, feelings and actions.
  • Protecting yourself from negative energies.
  • Broadcasting positive vibrations to shift the energy in your space.
  • Tools that you can start using to manage your energy.
  • About Christy’s new book, ‘The Desire Factor’.
  • Understanding who we become and how we change in the pursuit of desire.
  • Why we often stop chasing our desires.
  • Christy’s experience with quitting a high-paying job to start her own business.
  • Learning to give yourself permission to chase your desires.
  • Common mental blocks that prevent getting to a place of manifestation.
  • Overcoming the need for instant gratification.
  • How coming from a place of lack is holding you back.
  • The role of gratitude in your manifestation.

Watch and listen to the interview below: