In this episode Christy and Guest discuss:

  • Giving from the saucer, not the cup 
  • People respond to our energy 
  • Having a clear vision of who you want to be

Key Takeaways: 

  • We can’t provide an environment of love and guidance and compassion and optimism for ourselves or our kids if we’re depriving ourselves of those things. The big part of being an extraordinary parent, and even an individual human is to take the time to replenish our inner resources, so we can show up at our best.
  • Tend to your own energetic alignment. Kids don’t respond to our words, they respond to our energy. Pre-pave your energy going into an interaction, ask yourself how you want to feel? Allow yourself to feel that, bring that energy in and activate the vibration within your own energy field. 
  • Clarify your vision of what type of parent, spouse or person you want to be. Every amazing accomplishment begins with a vision. Everything flows from having that clear vision. 

“You have got to align yourself with that energy first. Fill up your own cup. That’s the best parenting advice I can give to anybody.” – Christy Whitman




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