In this episode, Christy discusses:

  • Why you should let go of shame and guilt

  • Being happier by releasing judgment

  • Releasing the guilt through innocence

Key Takeaways:

  • Instead of making yourself feel guilty, let yourself feel appreciation. When you don’t let go of your own shame or guilt, you might end up making others feel that way.

  • Neutrality releases judgment. You’ve got to release judgment and be compassionate. When you accept that it’s okay for people to be different, then you’ll be happier since you’ll find that your happiness doesn’t hinge on whether people will change according to what you think is right or not.

  • The opposite of guilt is innocence and focusing on the innocence of your intention is powerful in releasing guilt. Ask yourself if you’ve ever wanted to deliberately hurt or harm anyone, if the answer is no then focus on that innocence in order to release the guilt.

“We can’t change anything outside of ourselves. We can’t change another person. We can influence them, and then they still have choices and how they react or respond. But the thing is, we have a choice as to if we are going to allow shame or guilt to be put on us.” – Christy Whitman


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