“You attract what you focus on.”

It’s Manifestation 101, right? So why do so many people struggle to manifest their dreams.

For some, it’s a lack of clarity about what they really want. For others, it’s a lack of action and not following the inspired guidance they’re receiving.

But the biggest reason, based on my own experience and coaching thousands of people around the world, is lack-based thinking.

You attract what you focus on, because the Universe is constantly giving us what we ask for. If you’re focused on lack – on what you DON’T have – that’s exactly what it will deliver – more lack.

If you’re worried about your lack of money and, therefore, how you’ll pay your bills and achieve your financial goals … you’ll continue to create situations where you lack money.

If you’re sad that you’re lacking someone special in your life … you’ll continue to not meet the love of your life.

If you’re criticizing yourself for not have the “perfect” body … you’ll continue to be out of shape and overweight.

I know this from personal experience. I used to be a very negative person – on the inside at least. I presented a happy face to the world, but inside I experienced a steady stream of negative chatter.

That constant focus on the lack in my life – lack of money, the fulfilling career, the dream home, a fantastic body, a soul mate – kept me stuck in lack.

It wasn’t until I cleaned up my thinking and started shifting my focus to abundance that the things I really wanted in life – more money, a business that allowed me to support and serve others, my perfect home, fantastic health and fitness, and my beautiful family – finally appeared.

If this is hitting close to home and you’re aware that yep, you do tend to think negative thoughts day in, day out … you may find comfort in the fact that most people are based in lack. For whatever reason, that seems to be how we get programmed in childhood.

The cool and very exciting thing, though, is … your natural state is one of abundance. And it’s actually pretty easy (if you know how to do it) to shed the programming you’ve accumulated over your lifetime – and shift back into abundance.

I’m hosting a free online training that can help. The Art of Expanding Abundance: Proven Secrets to Manifest with Greater Ease and Grace in ALL Aspects of Life will explain more about how we get rooted in lack … 2 ways that our minds constantly trick us into thinking more negatively … practical steps you can take immediately to expand into greater abundance … and much more.

I’ve put up a short web page describing the training in detail. I’d love to help you shift!