The River of Abundance
by Christy Whitman

All of life is energy: Love is energy. Money is energy. Happiness is energy. Fortunately, we live in a universe where there is an unlimited supply of energy. An abundance of all that we desire is available to us in this and in every moment, but our beliefs about what’s possible determine how much we can allow ourselves to receive.

If we believe that resources are scarce; that creating wealth means sacrificing a personal life; or that past hardship will prevent us from creating future happiness, these beliefs will keep out of our lives that which is trying ceaselessly to come in. It’s as if we are standing on the edge of a lush river, swollen and rushing with fresh water – but we have only a thimble to carry it. Like a river, abundance travels along our path of least resistance. Water can’t penetrate the areas where opposing beliefs have forged a dam, so it simply goes around the rocks and takes another course.

By shifting our beliefs and affirming that there is more than enough of everything to go around; that we are inherently deserving and valuable; and that it’s absolutely possible to make an abundance of money doing something we love, we enlarge the space within us that allows us to receive.

To increase the flow of abundance in any part of your life, take time out to notice, appreciate, and feel the ways in which you already are abundant. You don’t have to count your blessings; just breathe them in. There’s more where that came from. Release the dam and allow the river of abundance to nourish you in wonderful and unexpected ways.