what you want to know about spirit guides

What exactly is a spirit guide, anyway?

This term means different things to different people.

Many people conjure images of dearly departed loved ones, or religious figures like Buddha or Jesus. Some indigenous cultures believe that all of nature – including animals, insects and even weather patterns – serve as messengers of the Divine.

However you imagine it, a spirit guide is simply anything that connects the physical aspect of you with your non-physical source. And whether you refer to this source as God, Nature, Soul, Source Energy or something else entirely makes no difference. The fact is, everything that appears to us as physical and material is at its essence a non-physical energy stream.

When understood in terms of energy, receiving messages from spirit is not as esoteric – or rare – as we might think. In fact, we are all communicating with spirit all the time, although we may not be consciously aware of it.

You are a spiritual being living in a physical world.

Yes, you have a physical body that perceives the world around you through physical senses. But through your 6th sense, also known as gut instinct or intuition, you’re constantly interacting with the world of energy.

This broader energy stream is the essence of who you are. It is the very source of you. It’s the force that breathes through you and as you. It’s the boundless supply of everything you could possibly need or desire. And you are the furthest, most manifested extension of this vast, intelligent field.

This means you are divinely designed to experience abundance, loving relationships and success in all forms. In the same way human beings were designed with eyes to see and skin to feel, you are designed to live in utter wellbeing.

Spirit’s messages are both personal and universal.

The overarching messages from spirit apply equally to everyone: We are deserving. We are extensions of that which we call God. And we are here for the purpose of joyous, expansive life experience in each of the four essential quadrants of life.

Take a moment to breathe that in, and to absorb the meaning of it.

  • You are designed to experience energy, physical vitality, and mental clarity
  • You are designed to have plenty of money
  • You are designed to enjoy creative self-expression
  • You are designed to experience loving, supportive and fulfilling personal relationships

These are statements of universal truth; the Divine inheritance that is showered upon everyone in human form. But each one of us has access to our own unique spirit guides, here to support our individual evolution.

Here are 3 steps for receiving what your spirit guides want you to know about love, soulmates, and happiness:

Step #1: Clarify your heart’s desires in each of the 4 essential quadrants of life.

What do you desire in the area of your physical health and vitality? In the area of financial prosperity, what do you want to experience? How do you desire to feel in the area of your career expression, or your personal relationships? Begin by identifying the energetic essence of what you desire in each of these important expressions of your life.

Once you’ve clarified your vision, know that there are endless forces that can assist you in bringing it to reality. There are people you haven’t yet met who hold vital pieces of the puzzle. Some may ultimately serve as teachers, mentors or role models for you. Others will simply bring a key piece of information. Even Mother Nature herself has the ability to orchestrate events in order to set you upon your path. There are endless paths for realizing all that you desire, and you don’t need to worry about sorting through them. Just pay attention to what you’re naturally drawn to, and give yourself permission to move in that direction. Spirit guides always communicate through joy, enthusiasm and interest.

Step #2: Follow the paths that light you up.

Life becomes mediocre – even boring – when we follow the path of what we “should” do. If you doubt this, examine the lives of those who allow others’ opinions to guide their choices.

Your fullest self-expression and self-realization can unfold only when you follow the path of your greatest joy. Naturally, this path will change over time. Allow your desires to evolve, and for new priorities to emerge. Give yourself permission to let go of outworn notions or ideas, and to pursue those that call to you, instead.

Step #3: Surrender to the infinite intelligence of the universe itself.

This universe is intelligent and divinely orchestrated by powers that are beyond our ability to perceive. These powers oversee every act of creation and keep our planet in perfect rotation around the sun. Trust in this intelligence, and know that the universe is always available to cooperate with us. To the extent that our personal energy is aligned with that which we desire, our desires manifest easily. And to the extent that we are out of alignment – whether in thought, belief, mood or expectation – we hold the outcomes we want at bay.

Energy and vibration is the basis of everything we experience. And the purer our vibration, the easier it is to receive the messages of the spirit guides that surround us.

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. To understand how to more deliberately co-create the life you desire, visit www.watchyourwords.com and gain access to a free 30-day training.

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