Challenging Moment Leads To Renewal with Christy Whitman

My sister struggled with depression for many years, which led down a path of drug use and caused her to ultimately take her own life. After her suicide, I went through an incredibly difficult time. My feelings about the event were so intense that I was afraid to allow them to come to the surface – and in fact, at that time, I had been repressing or denying my emotions for most of my life.

In the process of healing from my sister’s suicide – and with the help of a therapist and several different energy healers – I learned that it’s safe to feel whatever emotions I am feeling, and that allowing our feelings to flow is a huge component of not only our fulfilment in life, but to creating the quality life experiences that we truly desire.

Our emotions are powerful energies that we broadcast out into the universe, and we receive back whatever we are asking for through our vibration, whether it is wanted or not. If we don’t give ourselves permission to feel our feelings, how can we possibly know what vibration we are emitting? The ability to feel our emotions is the launching point for being able to feel and work with energy – and developing the ability to work with energy is the key to magnetizing all that we want to manifest in our lives. The loss of my sister led me on a path of self-discovery in which I learned to become a master of my emotions rather than allowing my emotions to master me.


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