Magnetic Monday: Feel Good Now

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January 6, 2014
Magnetic Monday – Good vs. Evil (Bad)
January 20, 2014

I have a friend on the Quantum Success Show with me today, Erai Beckman, and we discuss, “Feel Good Now.”

He has an amazing story that changed his life. He is now on a mission to help others get into perfect health by studying other scientific solutions for better health.

One of the secrets to creating what you want, either health or wealth, is to “Feel Good Now.”

(Link mentioned in the video:

Erai discusses that we have an “abundant setting.”

We have the power to tap into feeling good NOW, regardless of our circumstances.

Erai also discusses how being in optimal health is important in order to feel good now.

If your body is in a toxic state, it makes it harder for us to feel good now.

If you shift the perspective of your body as your physical temple that houses your infinite being in this lifetime, you naturally want to take care of your temple.

Our bodies feel good, our thoughts will be happier, and therefore better focus and concentration means more productivity and ultimately create our reality.

How do you get your temple into a healthy state? Watch this week’s show to find out 🙂

It’s 20 minutes, and full of great insight and information. Enjoy.

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