Remedy for Being Influenced Rather Than Being an Influencer

Remedy for Being Influenced Rather Than Being an Influencer

Well, this show is definitely one to end a decade of shows on.

It is essential to understand your energy and how to bring the light to any situation or relationship, instead of being influenced by the lower level vibrational energy.

And I just want to thank you for watching each of these shows, your feedback, love and trust.

This show has meant a lot to me, and I hope it has helped you.

We now will be broadcasting on The Desire Factor Podcast and will share a video on how to find it so you can take advantage of all the great resources and information.

You will have a variety of types of shows to choose from:

-Short 6 minute shows we call “Quickies”

-30-60 minute shows with experts/influencers

-10-20 minute shows of me teaching on the aspects of consciousness, emotional intelligence, vibrational medicine, 7 Essential Universal Laws, Watching Your Words, How to heal from lack to abundance, practical guidance and application of high vibe concepts, and so much more.

-Meditations (20 min)

Of course, you can always come to my website and listen to the podcast!

Thank you again! This is an ending and a beginning. As The Council says, “Transition is happening all the time. Embrace and enjoy it.”

You are Infinitely loved:)

Christy & The Council

Being A Healer

This video is right from a Q&A in a previous Quantum Energy Mastery where a student asked The Council:

“I would like to be able to heal more than I am able to do currently. How can I move into this?”

The Council asks this question on how you can be more of a conduit of service for clients for those of who are coaches, healers, practitioners.

And for those of you that are not in service of light for a profession, because we are all in service of light…

Giving yourself permission to receive light is the key to having more of anything in your life.

I appreciate you:)

You are Infinitely loved:)

Christy & The Council

Nurturing Relationship with Desires

I have some exciting news.

After 10 years of creating content on my YouTube channel for The Quantum Success Show, I have the desire to continue to share great and valuable content for you, but now in a podcast.

If you haven’t started listening to podcasts, it is actually very easy, portable, and you can listen while you are working out, exercising, or cleaning the house.

I will be creating a very simple video to show you where you can access the content. And yes, you can still listen to it on my website as well.

The Desire Factor Podcast will be launching this month, on the 19th. And you will love this information and experience of the show.

Just like I wrote (with The Council) in The Desire Factor, is what this 3rd to last Quantum Success Show is all about…

We must nurture the relationship with our desires.

So I am following that guidance closely towards this new desire.

Get excited. You will love this. It is created especially for you.

You are Infinitely loved:)

Christy & The Council

Does “fake it til you make it” REALLY work?

Ever tried to “fake it til you made it?”

Did it work?

Today I will talk about how the concept of “fake it til you make it” can work for you.

And why it most likely wasn’t as effective as you wanted it to be in the past.

Remember in The Desire Factor we discuss The Principle of Having?

Well the “fake it till you make it” only works with the feelings of having.

I hope you enjoy the video and please let me know how this impacted you.

You are Infinitely loved:)

Christy & The Council

Shifting From A Mindset Of Lack

Do you have the fear of missing out?

Do you feel that what you have is never enough?

Do you feel that in the future you won’t have what you need?

There are two primary perspectives to have in life.

Lack or abundance.

Lack always feels bad.

Abundance always feels good.

This show will tell you what is the most important reason to shift from a perspective from lack to abundance.

You are Infinitely loved:)

Christy & The Council

Become a Creator not a Reactor

How do you stay centered and feel connected to your own energy, rather than reacting to others?

We can’t view others or external conditions as the cause of our discontent.


We are living a conditional and reactive life instead of being a conscious creator.

Who is your source of happiness, joy and abundance?

You are!

You are Infinitely loved:)

Christy & The Council