Magnetic Monday: Key to Building Your Dream

Magnetic Monday: How To Deal with Negativity
September 26, 2016
The Abundance Principle Video Coaching Program with Christy!
October 5, 2016

I am thrilled to have a super special guest on the Quantum Success Show today!

Mary Morrissey is one of my mentors and one of the greatest teachers of spiritual laws on the planet right now.

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We discuss:

-Her amazing personal story that led her to be one of the greatest transformational teachers.
-Why it is so difficult for people to identify what they want in their lives.
-How to figure out what we would love.
-What dream is ready to birth from within you.
-Why some dreams excite us in the beginning and then die off.
-And so much more!

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I appreciated hosting it.

Let me know what you take away from this time with Mary.

I appreciate you!



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