Magnetic Monday – Money $$$

Magnetize Yourself (FREE Teleseminar): Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern with Christy Whitman
May 2, 2013
What To Do When You’re Having One of “Those” Days
May 9, 2013

Do you know what is the biggest topic I get requests to talk about?


In this episode of The Quantum Success Show I discuss money, and how it is energy just like everything else.

I give steps on how to create it.

There is also a special invitation to join my personal teleseminar on May 14th to turn on your money magnet.

I say in the video that the teleseminar is tomorrow night, but I needed to move this episode up a week, because next week I will have my very first guest on the show!

Hope you join me on the call on May 14th at 9pm EST/6pm PST. Here’s where you can register:

Please leave me your comments and what you are taking away from this episode.



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