Magnetic Monday: Wealth Beyond Reason

Magnetic Monday: Radical Changes with Ho’oponopono
December 26, 2016
What it Means to Be a Life Coach
January 6, 2017

Happy, Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017!

I am so excited for today’s Quantum Success Show, because I have my dear friend and featured teacher in The Secret on the show.

I love Bob Doyle, because we can have deep conversations about the Universe, and have a crazy and fun time doing it.

Click here to access Bob Doyle’s “3 Steps to Bridge
the Mysterious Gap Between Your Life and Dreams” Masterclass.

I always talk about universal laws from the spiritual side of things, and Bob talks about The Law of Attraction from a scientific perspective.

Come join us and combine both perspectives.

I am truly holding the space that this is your best year ever!

Thank you for watching and being part of my community!

Much Love,



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