New You Chats With Christy Whitman On How To Have It “ALL”

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April 2, 2015
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April 6, 2015


“Juggling work and family is a challenge in itself – throw young children into the mix and the famous scene where the iconic Lucille Ball tries to sort chocolates on a conveyor belt in I LOVE LUCY becomes all too familiar. Maybe it was the boss keeping you late at work, a chickenpox outbreak, a flat tire on the way to work or any number of cogs thrown into your well-oiled planning machine? No matter what action or excuse holds you hostage, there are ways to dance in sync with these challenges according to author, Christy Whitman. In her new book “The Art of Having it All – A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance, Whitman offers up a modern strategy for women who want to “have it all.” Here are her recommendations as well as answers to some burning questions.”

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