Quantum Success Show: How to Release Trauma

Quantum Success Show: The Art of Asking Powerful Questions
September 11, 2017
Quantum Success Show: How to Transition in Your Life
September 25, 2017

Unless we learn how to release traumatic experiences, we recreate them over and over, and they become part of our identity.

We can’t out-create our self-identity.

In this Quantum Success Show, I dig into this subject with a few steps.

This show is just under 7 minutes and will help you understand energy even more, and how trauma or a shocking event may still be affecting you, and what to do about it.

Please leave me a comment so I can help you release this at a deeper level.

I deeply appreciate you,


P.S. Next episode we are talking about how to transition in your life. And each day we are transitioning… Be sure to stop by and watch this episode.

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