Finding your own center…

In February my entire family came down with the flu. First it was Alex, and then it was Maxim and Frederic and me. It hit us like a ton of bricks. When I have one sick child, it is not fun. Having two sick children, a husband who couldn’t get out of bed to assist, and feeling sick myself was not a fun experience. This is in the category of CONTRAST.

And it was in those moments of contrast that I had so much clarity about feeling well and being healthy. It is when we don’t have the money we want that we want more financial abundance. It is when we feel lonely that we want companionship. It is when we are sick that we want wellness.

When we have those moments of contrast, it is important to focus on what we do want, and to start moving our attention in that direction.

I used to think, when I started practicing and coaching on the Law of Attraction, that I had to do it perfectly and there was no reason to ever have any contrast. When I did, and then when I experienced something I did not want, I would make it mean that I was a bad creator, or I started to judge myself. I would think, “I should know better.”

But what I now know after mastering the universal laws is that contrast is inevitable in this universe of variety and choices. That’s what makes this universe so abundant. There are so many different opinions, situations, circumstances, options, choices, varieties, and solutions. It is our job to sort through all these experiences and get comfortable with contrast and see it for what it is: an opportunity to get more clear on our desires and intentions.

It would make no sense to go to a buffet with all the food you love and notice the one food you don’t like and put all of your focus and attention on that one food. For example, I don’t like curry; but it would be like my going to the buffet and seeing every food that I do love, but when I noticed the curry, asking “Why is the curry there? Why does anyone even like curry? Now I can’t enjoy the rest of my food because there is curry here!” When we put it like that, it sounds funny, and why would we do that? But this is how most people are living their lives.

If you make peace with contrast and see it for what it is—a way to get more clear on what you DO want—it becomes an ally and not something we fight against. And here is the kicker: We see less contrast that we are attached to, and it does not have a significant effect on our moods or emotions, which then helps us create what we do want.

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