Here is a list of words and phrases that need to be changed in our vocabulary.

“Should”: Keeps us stuck in roles and does not give us freedom in that we have choices. When we say “should” to ourselves and others, it is very limiting and causes us to beat up ourselves or others for something we have no control over in the now. We are shaming for the past.

“I can’t afford it”: This is very limiting and never feels good. As a matter of fact, anytime you say “can’t,” it limits the true Divine potential of who you are and the pure potentiality that exists in the universe. And be careful what you say, because what you put out in the universe as a vibration will manifest. So if you say, “I can’t afford it,” that will be your reality. Instead say, “I choose not to purchase that at this time.”

“Try”: There is no way to try to do anything. As Yoda said in Empire Strikes Back, “Do or do not. There is no try.” And when you try to do something, a very non-committal energy goes out into the universe. Trying to do something carries a very different vibration than doing it.

“Have to”: This is also a form of “should.” Instead of focusing on the things you have to do, change it to “I get to.” I get to pick up my amazing kids from school. I get to clean my house that gives me shelter. “I get to” is so much more empowering than “I have to.” Just switching these phrases will give you a much better feeling and perspective and will determine what you manifest in your life.

“I can’t wait”: This is coming from a lack perspective; it feels very different when you say, “I am looking forward to…”

Everything is energy, and all energy carries a vibration. When we are deliberately manifesting our lives, these words and phrases can lower our vibrations without our even knowing it.

Start changing how you say things and feel the difference inside of yourself.

There is an old saying that small hinges open big doors. Small changes in words and phrases make a big difference in what we create.

In the beginning there is the word. In the beginning of all creation it starts with a word—even in the privacy of your own mind.

What words will you choose today?

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