In this episode Christy and Rob discuss:

  • The essence of every desire

  • Manifesting the essence instead of chasing after it

  • Aligning with the essence of your desire

Key Takeaways:

  • Pause and take time to ask yourself why you want the things that you want. Why do you want financial abundance? What you’ll discover is that behind every desire is a desire to experience a certain feeling.

  • The essence of every desire is an energy stream, a vibration of feeling state that we are truly seeking, that’s what we truly want. Once we understand this, we make a quantum leap in our power to manifest.

  • First, identify something that you wanted to create for some time. Then, begin to ask yourself why you want to have that desire and how would you feel if you fulfilled this desire. Lastly, begin to imagine this desire as if it’s already fulfilled.

“Learning to connect with and vibrate in energetic resonance with the essence of what you want to manifest. While it exists in a manifested form. That’s the key to attracting it in your life.” – Christy Whitman

Quantum Light Shift The Essence Of Purpose & Passion

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