Frederic and I decided it was time to purchase a home in Arizona, since we visit there every winter.

We had been looking since March, and nothing really caught our eye or inspired us to make an offer on anything we saw.

Then we saw this beautiful home, and it appeared to be a very close match to the “clarity” list we had created together.

Whenever you want to manifest something, make sure to write down all the details of that item, because just the act of writing it down makes it a reality in the world of form.

This house was not the EXACT home, but it was close. So we were celebrating the closeness of the match, and we made an offer.

The house had been on the market for months without a single offer other than ours. Yet at the 11th hour in our negotiations, the sellers received two other offers.

Because I truly trusted the process, I was confident that the Universe knew exactly what I desired and was always looking after me. I trusted that if we did not get this house it would be because this was not our house. I felt very calm and detached.

I want to touch on detachment for a moment. I was very attached to the qualities in the home, but whether this particular home was “the one” is what I remained detached from.

During a time where most people would experience stress, I remained peaceful and calm. After all, the Universe knows a better timing and house than I do. So if, for whatever reason, the buyers did not accept our offer, it would be okay.

When the deadline for acceptance of our offer came and went, our agent, Alesa, who happens to be my best friend from high school, let me know the sellers had accepted another offer.

I instantly felt disappointed and sad. So I went into my belly and expressed the energy of that emotion. I shed a couple of tears even though I knew there was a reason for this and it was, for whatever reason, not our house.

Frederic was actually angry because in Canada, when you have an offer as a buyer, you can’t even look at other offers. He was feeling disappointment, but he was also angry that he did not get a chance to match the other offer.

Because I went into my emotions and cleared them immediately, I was already over it.

I was able to then come back to the knowledge that the Universe knows what I want and has a bigger vision of my life that I have for myself. Even though no other houses were on the market that we liked at this particular time, I knew for a fact that in the perfect time for us a house will come out that will be exactly what we want in all aspects. This was not our house.

And what the closeness of the match, and this contrast, gave me was the clarity. There is a particular area and development that we absolutely love. When I think of my “dream home” I think of this area.

I was so clear when I woke up the next day that I told Frederic, if we need to wait until this particular model comes on the market in this particular area, I am happy to do that. I told him of the experience of creating my dream home when I lived in California with my former husband.

I shared how amazing it felt to experience beauty in every room and wake up feeling successful. And I wanted to experience that again and I wanted him to experience it with me.

That night he found a property that was in the exact area, and it was a great price for that area. We agreed this was it, and we made an offer.

And hours later the buyers accepted. That simple. That easy.

If you really do believe that the Universe is looking out for you and knows your biggest intentions in whatever subject you are looking to manifest, then you can detach and let the Universe do its job.

When I drove up to see the house that we purchased off the internet for the first time, I was amazed. While we had been staying in that area for the past several winters, every time I drove by this development I would say to myself “I want to live in there. I want that type of house.” And here I had just bought a beautiful home in this area.

And it kept getting better. The amount we needed to put down was lowered. The interest rate was lowered. It just kept getting better and better.

That’s is how you know it is Divine; when things flow, it’s easy, better than what you want, and it’s fun.

I hope this has been helpful. 🙂